About Me

Talk DirtyHi, it's Fannie here. At first, I was very embarrassed to talk dirty to my boyfriend. I was afraid the words I used would sound awkward, and my boyfriend would be turned off instead of on when I start talking dirty to him.

I practiced all the methods how to talk dirty. I had learned from the internet over and over again and I was still a little nervous and felt insecure about it. I couldn't help thinking - what if he thinks I'm crazy or something.

Finally I found all the information I wanted - a handbook all about how to talk dirty! A good friend of mine suggested I check out the language of desire by felicity keith. I'm so glad I took her advice. I spent some time reading through the Book and now when I talk dirty to my boyfriend his knees gets weak and he is like putty in my hand!

I wish I had known about this secret weapon a long time ago. My boyfriend was so smitten by me after I learned this secret it was like he was so captivated by me and fell in love with me all over again. With this how to talk dirty to a guy guide, I can promise you your relationship will improve and be better than you ever imagined it could be!

I have always been kind of shy but the Language of Desire guide walks me right through the whole process and it's so unbelievably easy you will feel at ease when you start talking dirty to your man. There are lots of examples as it teaches you not only to feel sexy being yourself, what to say and how to talk dirty to your man or on the phone and where to draw the line. You don't want to push your luck and have him think you have been taking "naughty" lessons from another man.

Talking dirty to a guy or men doesn't have to make you or him feel uncomfortable. Go at your own pace and before you know it he will be putty in your hands! That's for sure from my own experience!

If you are ready to add fire and passion to your relationship and be truly appreciated by your man, then you should download the language of desire program now and start reading this how to talk dirty tutorial and guide.