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Hey , girls, do you want to know how to attract men ? Have you experienced trouble in keeping the interest of your man after the first few dates? Do you feel frustrated with the fact that every relationship after beginning with a promising note ends up making you feel lonely and terrible? Well, I am sure like many others you wish you could more successful with men, but possibly you have been put off by shyness, not knowing what to do on a date, need some general all round ideas, on how to behave, & generally appeal to the fairer sex. Well that all changes right here!

how to attract men

Female hearts sink to depth when a handsome guy winks at them. To have the same influence on the opposite gender, a gal has to have that spark which can put male hearts on fire. A little effort on her part can make the way easy to walk on with rose petals and no thorns. Right energy in the correct direction can only prevent the sudden demise of your crush. These guys live in the moment. The brooding over past and planning of future is not what they do. So just forget your past efforts and future ideas. Present time needs to be utilized in an optimum manner. Look out for the stumbling blocks and move ahead elegantly.

It would be a big mistake to think that a golden heart can do the magical trick. What is inside comes to light much later. What is outside comes into focus first. Heart pulsates on the face and vibrates through the body. Depending on the attire, chances of attracting a guy can enhance or reduce considerably. A male response is affected by the appearance of the female. The way of carrying herself can never be neglected by a girl. Your impression will land up in a ditch if you do this forbidden thing. Have a confident body language. If you still don’t agree, may God put some sense in you. The sooner comes the realization, the easier becomes the journey.

The outer shell and inner core become more beautiful with good manners and charming wiles. The femininity is enhanced with delicate behavior. Don’t let male traits dominate your feminine features. Don’t generate doubts as to your gender. Men have still not caught on well with the idea of falling in love with men so don’t try to put on masculine shoes when you have your pair of sandals. If you really want to keep the show on, keep away from loose talk and pestering. Talk short and sweet. Miles of distances are covered in seconds with smile. They are the cheapest and most effective invitation.

Relationship with a guy greatly depends upon the distance from the crowd. Interaction wit others is only possible when you break away from a group. A confident female moving around freely is a piece of cake every man would like to grab. In crowded places stand at the center where people can see you. Rushing to creepy corners, is a sign of under confidence. Don’t stand in the shadow of others, dare to come in the limelight.

Start out and take the initiative. Keep the gates to your territory open. Hesitation does not go well with guys; they like it the other way. Your one step towards them will make the guys take two. Teach him something new even if you have to learn it first. Share your technical knowledge with him. Speak his language in your own style and see him caught in your love net.

Lots of women, like me, experience these problems. Now the fault isn’t in you. You are a wonderful and attractive woman. Things aren’t working out between you and men is because you don’t understand male psychology.

Most women fail to understand the fact that men and women are different. Men have their own fears and desires. Women have their own fears and desires. If you really want to attract a man and keep him for as long as you want, there is one important thing you must understand. And that is male psychology.

Knowing how to attract men begins with you having a basic understanding of male psychology and knowing what men really want. Without being aware of their needs and thought processes, you will not be able to give them what they really want.

Here are a few things that men find attractive in a woman. If you are able to display these characteristics, you will be able to attract men effortlessly. You will be able to captivate them and make them commit to you forever.

Here are the secrets to attracting the right man and keeping him for as long as you want…

Independence - Independence is one of the things men really want in a woman. A truly independent woman who lives her own life will be more interesting than a woman who is completely reliant on him for everything. You’ve got to have your own life. That is extremely essential. An independent woman is challenging to a man. And men always want a challenge.

Men always pursue that which is unattainable. If you are independent and play hard to get, you will be unattainable. Your man will do everything to pursue you and will invest more of his time and energy in the relationship. The more energy he invests in the relationship, the more addictive he will be towards you. And therefore he is less likely to let go of you.

Interesting - Everyone loves a person who is interesting. If you want to capture his heart for good, you must come off as an interesting woman right from the beginning. You must show this by the way you flirt, dress and act around your man. It’s not okay to be like all other women. If you act like one of them, you will seem boring. An interesting personality will come off naturally into you when you stop blaming yourself.

Start showering more love and attention on yourself. Take care of yourself and your needs. Give yourself more so that you can shower more love on others. That’s the key to having a high self-esteem. Have something worthy to pursue. You could have a passion or hobby to which you completely love to do. Talking about your hobbies and doing them will make you a more interesting and desirable woman to your man.

Be interesting in your conversations. Talk about different things instead of the usual old stuff like career and news. Talk about new things and new places. Talk about your passions, childhood dreams, aspirations, your beliefs, etc. These things will help you get to know each other on a deeper level and will make you feel an emotional connection.

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Make him feel special - Each and every man on this planet has one deep desire: To feel special. They immediately fall for people who give them this feeling. The feeling of being special is a desire every human being on the planet cherishes. It’s more in men. It’s just that they don’t express it freely. If you really want him to fall in love with you deeply, you must vibe him this feeling on a consistent basis.

You do this by complimenting him and making him feel good. Whenever he tells something that he isn’t good enough for something, tell him that you feel that he will do great in that. Tell him clearly that it’s not the way he thinks it is. Tell him that you believe that he is a great whatever. This will give him the sense of importance and will reflect on his self-esteem. He will owe this to you and will fall madly in love with you.

talking dirty

Stop being desperate – Being desperate around a guy or group of guys is one of the worst things you can do. Men don’t like desperate women. Would you like to accept a request from a desperate stalker who keeps coming after you? No right. That’s how the guys will feel if you act desperate around them. It is essential that you get guys to chase you around instead of chasing them by yourself.

Believe in yourself – The women who attract guys and have amazing relationships have an attitude and a belief system that resonates that they are the best woman on the planet. You’ve got to believe that you are the most amazing woman on the planet. You’ve got to accept the fact that being with you is the best possible choice any guy can make. Having this belief will probably make all the difference in the world between attracting a decent guy or a jerk.

Never have sex too soon – This is extremely important. If you have sex with a guy too soon in a relationship, he will lose his attraction and interest for you. You’ve got to play hard to get and keep sex away from your relationship as long as you can. If you have sex too soon, he controls the relationship. If you stay away from having sex for at least three months, you control the relationship.

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Be Hard to Get – A hard to get women is something that all men are attracted to. Men have a tendency to pursue that which is unattainable. If you are a challenge and play hard to get with men, they will pursue you. Don’t always answer your phone. Ignore the guy a little. Give him mixed signals. Do all that you can do to show that you are a challenging woman.

Now that you know how to attract guys, there is another extremely important concept you must get before attracting guys. It’s called irresponsibility. Being attractive to guys and attracting them isn’t enough. If you want to have solid and amazing relationships with guys, you must be an irresistible woman.

Flirting : Learn It The New Way

You can imagine:A smart and handsome guy jogging in the park has an amazing ability to attract thousands of feminine gazes. Oohs!, aahs! and wows! are the sighs of the female hearts wishing that the hunk might just turn around and take a look. But the stud knows the effect he has created and enjoys it till the very last savoring every moment. A girl has to put her body, soul and heart together to have exactly the same influence if not greater. Flirting with guys is a skill that requires mastery and amateurs must become the experts. A gal must gear up well to charge her man.

The first tip is to dress in style.

Revel in your best- something in which you feel comfortable. High heels with mini skirts or short frocks, is a great idea but don’t start pulling at your outfit. Girl no comfortable with her dress puts up a very bad show and throws flirting out of the window along with the mini. Whatever a girl wears must make her look gorgeous and not vulgar. Sexy females appeal, vulgar ones don’t. Besides a sexy appearance, personal hygiene also counts. Take out time for a shower before going on a flirting mission. You need not use exotic perfumes to attract his olfactory lobes but, at least, use a deodorant to prevent body odor.

Establish eye contact.

Kill him with your looks. The eyes speak the language of your heart. A girl must know how to throw inviting glances. These two sockets can be electrifying. Let your eyes say ‘I want you’ rather than your tongue. And if a woman has got beautiful eyes, she can go on a flirting spree massacring many male hearts. A little touch up with mascara, eye-liner and eye-shadow will only add to the magnificence.

Support your eyes with your body.

When these two work in synchronization, flirting becomes fun. A gal must know how to exploit her best body parts. Color your lips and smile a lot. Dance to draw attention towards the soft curves of your body. Cross and uncross your legs to convey your interest. Tickle your arms with your fingers. Play with your hair. Flicks on your face will even tempt him to do the same. All in all, the body gestures of a woman play a crucial role in flirting and one should always be aware of her best physical features.

Just don’t stop at it.

Throw away the old rules in the paper basket and write new ones. A guy might not touch a girl but she can do it in a simple and a pleasant way. The most perfect one is to compare hand sizes. Grab the very first opportunity to pat him on the shoulder. It will encourage him and he will be more at ease as males usually hesitate to make the first move to touch a flirtatious girl. So just don’t keep looking, swing into action and make a move.

How To Flirt With Men Without Seeming Desperate – 3 Important Keys

You have to admit how to attract men is no more a new question to our today society. Daily more and more searches are performed in search engine and alone the term of “how to attract men” gets around 18000 searches monthly which mean about 600 searches are performed in a daily basis.

Women always eagerly want to know the basics of how to flirt with men because many of them are simply losers when it comes to lure the attention of men. I believe that every woman loves to carry themselves well in a room full of hot guys and yet still stand out.But the question is that how many women actually succeed in the ways to get the attention of men?

There are several ways that you can interact with single guys to make them to be interested into you. Flirting is a great option to grab attention of men. Some might find it difficult to flirt with guys. There are a few points that I would like to share with you. Before this, please bear in mind that flirting doesn’t means wearing tight skirts and figure-hugging tops. The best thing about this game is that you do it in the subtlest ways possible.

Avoid obvious topics

Please avoid those too obvious topics. Curiosity is the secret in this game. Make a man wonder if you are thinking the same thing as what he has in mind. Make him feel curious about you as this make him ask for more. Don’t be too obvious that you are into him. Guys will directly lose their appetite once they know you are already into them.

Body language

Body language always plays important role when you flirt with men. Much more information can be conveying through your body gestures than words. Your body language can reflect how much you’re interested in a person. You may start with a light touch on his shoulder or play with the rim of your glass. This always catches men attention. By understanding the basic of flirting through body language you will find that it is better than wearing skimpy clothes to draw men to you.

Knowing when to draw back

You must know when to draw back. Drawing back when he looks like he wants more. Withdrawing on purpose heighten the suspense and excitement. Reveal only enough each time he asks you out for a proper date, don’t give it all on the first encounter. It is always good to leave something to his imagination when you are flirting with men. Nothing is better than you reserve something for the next round. Men are designed as a curious being and will keep pursuing you until they get you.

Flirting itself is like an appetizer before a proper meal. It might not be the most important part in the way how to become a guy magnet, but if you never attract the attention of a guy, how would you proceed your relationship into next level?

Now pay close attention here

There is something else you must understand before you can attract a man and keep him for as long as you want. Trust me, it’s extremely important. It’s called irresistible. Being attractive to a man isn’t enough. You have to be irresistible to him. You have to make him obsessed with you in order to make him commit.I strongly urge you to learn more about this book on the following video :

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This book reveals everything that you need to do and be in order to be completely irresistible to your man. It will show you how to attract a decent man, make him commit and stay with you forever. I strongly urge you to read the book – Language of desire

Did you like my article on how to attract men? Agree or Disagree? Show me you’re alive by commenting your thoughts on the box below. And if you have any questions on how to attract men, please post them in the comment box.



How To Talk Dirty For Beginners ? This question was often asked by most of married women. When you are not used to talk dirty, you will feel awkward when trying to do it for the first time. You will feel like you are becoming a different person, and as a result, you might not feel confident in what you are doing. You might end up making a fool of yourself if you don’t know what you are doing. When talking dirty, it is important for you to create a good impression about yourself, so that your partner will listen to what you are saying and respond to it.

dirty talk

If you can get past the first barriers, it will be easier and easier for you to do it the second time. It’s okay to make mistakes at first, but you have to learn from your mistakes fast and fix it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to master the art of dirty talking with your partner. Improvements are important to make you become better than your last performance, and the more you are successful with your dirty talk, the more you will succeed in bed. That’s for sure.


Here are the 7 best tips for beginners on how to talk dirty for the first time:


  1. Get Rid Of The Stereotypes


This is the first step that you need to take before you talk dirty to your partner. It’s actually the stereotype that makes people afraid to do this. Many people associate talking dirty with being a bad person that only cares about their lust. They are being labeled as a slut, bitch, dirty man, and so on. If you still think that talking dirty will have a bad effect on your good reputation, then you have to eliminate this stereotype from your mind. No, talking dirty will not give you any bad effect if you simply do it at an appropriate time.


Talking about things related to sex is actually more enjoyable that talking about mundane things with your partner. It can help you to increase your partner’s libido, and it makes you want to follow it with some real actions. It is a good way to create the right mood before you make love with your partner, which can give a significant impact on the sexual satisfaction that your partner will get from you. Sex is actually not just about sex. It involves caressing not only your partner’s body, but their mind as well. With dirty talk, your partner will have a richer sexual experience with you, and the more you get creative with your dirty talk, the more your sexual activities will become exciting for both you and your partner.


To get rid of the stereotypes surrounding dirty talk, here are the things you should do:


  • Think of dirty talk as something good instead of something bad, since it helps you get closer to your partner.
  • Understand that dirty talk will not damage your reputation in any way, provided that you are doing it at an appropriate time.
  • Know that dirty talk can help to make your sexual experience richer and more enjoyable for you and your partner.
  • Understand that dirty talk can make you look sexier and more charming for your partner, and it is more exciting than talking about mundane things.
  • Use dirty talk to create the mood for sex and be creative about it.


  1. Make Mistakes And Improve On Your Performance


You can’t expect yourself to be a master in dirty talk in just your first attempt. People make mistakes on everything, so you bound to make mistakes when you try to talk dirty for the first time too. Perhaps, you will make your partner upset with it and consider you strange. That’s a normal reaction, since you haven’t done it before. But, if you keep on trying, you will become better at starting a dirty conversation with your partner, or even with anyone that you just meet for the first time. It’s a great tool for seduction, and if you know how to use it properly, you can seduce almost anyone with it.


Remember that people also have some kind of barriers when it comes to dirty conversations. Sometimes, if you go too far in your dirty talk, you will end up making them angry or disappointed with your act. So, you should always observe these boundaries and ensure that you don’t cross it without knowing. These mistakes are common when you start your dirty talk for the first time, and the point is not to quit immediately after you make a mistake. Instead, you have to acknowledge your mistake and keep improving your performance. Don’t make the same mistake twice.


Find what works and what doesn’t work for your partner. Sometimes, your partner will love certain topics, and dislike others. Your partner may like certain dirty talk styles that you have, and dislike the others. So, when you spot that you are making a mistake, acknowledge it and remember about it. Then, never make the same mistake again and keep finding what works best to keep the dirty talk going.


Here are some tips you should do to improve your dirty talk performance:


  • Just come with your dirty talk ideas freely without being afraid of making mistakes.
  • When you make a mistake in your dirty talk, simply acknowledge your mistakes and never make the same mistake twice.
  • Keep improving your way to start and maintain a dirty conversation with your partner by fixing your mistakes along the way.
  • Find what works and what doesn’t work for your partner and focus only on giving the dirty talk style that they like.
  • Once you made a mistake, don’t be afraid to try another dirty talk trick on your partner or someone else.


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  1. Be The Leader In The Dirty Conversation


Sometimes, achieving a success in your dirty talk conversation is all about having the courage to lead the conversation. If you cannot lead the conversation, then the dirty talk cannot go anywhere. You cannot expect your partner to lead the dirty conversation, especially if it feels awkward for them to do so. Thus, what you need to do is keep going in your conversation and make your partner follow your game. It will be more exciting for your partner to follow you instead of thinking about what they need to say next.


Dirty conversation, like any conversation, is all about flow. If you can maintain the flow of the conversation, then you can successfully impress your partner and make the conversation satisfying for both of you. But, when you block the flow, stopping in the middle of the conversation without knowing what to say next, then your partner will feel confused about it. Many people are afraid to move forward in their dirty conversation, so this is what you need to handle in your conversation.


The first thing that you need to do is to collect your courage to move forward in the conversation. Once the conversation becomes more and more interesting, your partner will expect you to lead them in the conversation. In fact, they will be curious to hear about what kind of dirty talk that you will say to them. So, it is the time for you to fill the holes in the mind by giving up surprises after surprises in your dirty talk. When you lead, your partner will follow.


Here are some tips to be the leader in your dirty conversation:


  • Don’t be afraid to come up with new ideas in your dirty talk, since your partner will anticipate it.
  • Don’t be hesitant to move forward in your dirty conversation.
  • Your job is to lead the conversation. So, don’t expect your partner to do that.
  • Don’t let silence fills the gap of your dirty conversation with your partner. It is better for you to continue with your dirty talk despite your hesitation.
  • You can lead the conversation further by touching your partner and whispering to them your dirty words. This can help to heat up the conversation and make your partner more interested in it.
  • Give your partner some surprises in your dirty talk, and don’t talk about the same thing over and over again.


  1. Whisper And Straight Talk


Now, there is a really good trick to boost the effectiveness of your dirty talk. It’s called whispering. Instead of talking about dirty things out loud with your partner, you lower your voice, and whisper it to your partner instead. What this will do is that it will immediately create romantic feelings around you, and of course, your partner will be able to feel your sexiness as well. Whispering to your partner, with your sexy voice, right into their ear, is the sweetest and most romantic thing that you can do with your dirty talk. It turns your partner on, and of course, make them want to touch you more.


Another thing that you need to know is straight talk. When you talk dirty with your partner, make sure that you don’t try to conceal your words or the meaning of your words from them. You need to simply talk straight to your partner without any hesitation. In fact, if you hesitate, then it will ruin your dirty conversation and kill the mood immediately. Don’t be afraid to tell your partner about sexual things, since you are just talking with them in private. Don’t be afraid to make sure that your partner understands what you mean in your dirty talk.


This is something that you have to remember all the time. Maintaining a good dirty talk conversation is not difficult if you can use these simple tricks. When you’ve talked to your partner out loud too much, it’s time for you to whisper to them. When you’ve talked about sexual things in a difficult-to-understand way, it’s time for you to talk about it straight out. It means that you don’t need to worry to simply say things as it is.

Whisper And Straight Talk

Here are some tips about whisper and straight talk in your dirty conversation:


  • Alternate between talking out loud and whispering to your partner, since it will give good variations in your dirty talk.
  • Don’t make your partner feel confused about what you are talking about. So, make sure that you are having a straight talk with your partner.
  • While whispering to your partner, be sure to show your charm and sexiness in your voice, since it will help to build the romantic mood in the conversation.
  • Whispering and touching your partner at the same time can turn them on, and it will be good for you to move forward to the next step, which is to seduce your partner.


  1. Follow It With Some Actions


Just talking about things related to sex is not interesting if you keep doing that without following it with some real actions. What does it mean? It means that talking about sex is good, but in the long run, it should be used as the first step in your seduction game. Let your dirty talk be the first step for you to have real sex with your partner. Talking dirty with your partner all the time can indeed create a romantic feeling between you and your partner, but that feeling can easily disappear if you don’t know when to take the next step.


So, what you need to do is to follow your dirty talk with some actions, which is to seduce your partner. Always accompany your dirty talk with touching and caressing your partner, making sure that they are turned on in what you are doing. The dirty conversation that you are doing with your partner should get you closer to your partner, and become intimate with them. Your partner should not only feel your words in their heart, but they need to also feel your touch in their skin. They should also feel your kisses and love.


Talking dirty should be your way to get your partner’s heart and make them fall in love with you. You have to make them feel crazy about you, and want to be with you all day. You should be able to tease your partner with your dirty talk, as well as increase their libido at the same time with your touches and kisses. That’s why you shouldn’t rely on your dirty talk alone, but you should also follow your dirty conversation with some real actions.


Here are some tips to follow your dirty talk with some actions:


  • Impress your partner with your dirty talk, and while you are doing that, follow it with some real actions, primarily touching and kissing your partner.
  • Don’t be afraid to create a physical contact with your partner.
  • Once the dirty talk escalates into seduction, your partner will expect you to come to them, make the kisses, and have real sex with you.
  • Always follow your dirty conversation with physical actions, but keep on observing your partner’s reactions while doing that.
  • Only go with your next move if you receive positive signals from your partner.


  1. Do It As Often As Possible


If you are a beginner in dirty talk, it means that you still have plenty of things to learn. Mastering the art of dirty talking is not something that you can do in a day or a few weeks. You need to practice this constantly if you want to master the art of dirty talking. Thus, it is very important for you to do it as often as possible. Don’t wait to do it later on your partner’s birthday. Don’t wait until Valentine’s Day just to start talking dirty with your partner. You have to set yourself to make mistakes a lot in your dirty talk, and ensure that you learn from your own mistakes.


So, if you want to become proficient in dirty talk, make sure to do it as often as possible with your partner. It is better to do it every day, or even every time you meet your partner. Or, even when your partner is away from you, you can call them and start the dirty conversation via phone or chat. You need to be willing to make the effort to start the conversation with your partner.


The problem with many people is that they are afraid to make dirty talk a part of their romantic life with their partner. This is why their romantic life becomes dull and boring, and their partner will then choose to cheat with other people. It’s simply because they cannot get the satisfaction from their partner, and because their partner is never willing to take the step to keep their romantic feeling strong. So, it’s important for you to make the dirty talk your second nature. You need to do it often, and you have to do it for the good of your relationship.


Here are some tips to do dirty talk as often as possible:


  • Don’t be afraid to start the dirty conversation anytime.
  • Even when your partner is away, you can still call them and start the dirty conversation via the phone or chat messages.
  • The more you do the dirty talk, the more you will recognize what works and what doesn’t work.
  • It is good to make mistakes in your dirty conversation, and then learn from your own mistakes to improve the way you do it later.
  • Dirty talking can help you to keep the romantic feeling going strong between you and your partner, so it will do no harm if you do it as often as possible with your partner.


  1. Be Playful With Your Partner


This is the last tip for the beginners to start their dirty conversation for the first time. You have to be playful with your partner, not taking things too seriously while you do that. In dirty conversation, it is important to keep your partner feels the fun in the talk itself. If you are too serious in your talk, then your partner will feel afraid of you. Thus, when your partner feels that you are a creepy person, then it is not possible for you to take the next step.


So, before you do all the dirty talk, be sure to relax your mind and not let it become too much stressed before you actually do it. It is important to think that your dirty conversation is just a talk with your partner that you do for fun. Whether your partner will enjoy it or not, it will be up to your partner later. But, what you need to do is to let the dirty talk flow smoothly in your conversation. Don’t think too much about whether your partner will like what you say or not. Just say it.


Dirty talking is all about intuition. You simply say what is on your mind, and observe the reactions of your partner later. You simply express what is on your head and let your partner know about your dirty mind. You don’t need to worry about what your partner thinks about you if you talk about dirty things with them. We are all animals inside, so we have our fair shares of dirty things in our mind. So, it’s good to be playful with your partner in your dirty conversation.


Here are some tips to be playful with your partner in your dirty talk:


  • Relax your mind before starting your dirty conversation. You don’t want to be too stressful when you talk dirty with your partner.
  • Don’t think about what your partner will think of you when you say about dirty things with them.
  • Use jokes deliberately and freely to spice up your dirty talk and make it more interesting.
  • Say what’s on your head without hesitation to keep the smooth flow of your dirty conversation.
  • Always add the fun factor in your dirty talk, treating your dirty conversation just as a playful conversation with your partner.


Talking dirty is always associated with something bad, and those who do that will be considered as people who have bad manners, and they will often be labeled as promiscuous people. But, it’s not always like that. Talking dirty can have a lot of advantages for couples or those who have married. It can help them to keep the romantic relationship going, and of course, keeping them sexually active. Sometimes, people just have a sexual intercourse without talking with each other, or teasing each other, and so, in that way, their sexual relationship will become dull and problems will soon arise.

sexual relationship

Most people are afraid to talk dirty to their loved ones because they are embarrassed to do it. When you are embarrassed to start talking dirty because you are afraid that you will be called a slut or any other labels, then you should first think about dirty talk in the right way. Not all dirty talks are bad. Yes, it can be bad if you do it at an inappropriate time and place, but its seductive power can give you more confidence when approaching the people you love. It is actually one little trick to turn them on and see you in a different perspective, which is, in a sensual way. Here are 7 tips to talk dirty without embarrassment that you shouldn’t miss:


  1. Know The Right Time And Place


Obviously, talking dirty is not to be done anywhere and anytime. That’s because not all people will appreciate you doing that when the time is inappropriate. You will only feel awkward and embarrassed if you don’t have the sensitivity about the time and place to do this thing. Talking dirty is not something that everyone can handle, and not everyone will feel comfortable when they talk about sex and other related things.


So, it’s very important for you to know your time and place. Basically, if it doesn’t feel comfortable for you, you shouldn’t do it. Also, if there are many people around, you shouldn’t do it either. You don’t want them to feel uncomfortable with what you are saying, and in a way, disturbing their mind. But, if you’re just with your partner alone, in a romantic place where nobody will disturb your conversation, then you can talk dirty with your partner freely. In fact, that’s the best time and place to do it.


You need to also understand what your partner is going through. If your partner doesn’t have the mood for sex, then talking dirty will not get you anywhere. If your partner is being angry, then it will be difficult to talk dirty with them. So, it is important for you to consider your partner’s condition before you begin your sexy talk. It is good for you to start your dirty talk when your partner is in the mood for sex, or when they feel happy and enthusiastic. It will be very easy to make the conversation flowing in the right direction.

Know The Right Time And PlaceSo, here are some tips to choose the right time and place for your dirty talk:


  • Make sure that you are not in a public place when you do that.
  • Make sure that there are not a lot of people around you.
  • Make sure that your partner feels comfortable with what you are doing.
  • You should start your sexy talk when your partner is in a good mood.
  • When your partner is in a bad mood, sexy talk will only lead you to disappointment.
  • You should create a romantic feeling around you before you attempt to talk dirty with your partner.
  • It is best to talk dirty when you are having sex, or about to have sex with your partner.
  • Initiate more sexy conversations when you are in bed with your partner.


  1. Make It Simple And Engaging


When it comes to talking dirty, it is very important for you to keep your conversations simple and engaging. There is no need to cover the sexual words with some foggy word replacements that nobody can understand. Just be as vulgar as you can, as long as you are doing it in your privacy with your partner. There is no need to be ashamed to talk about sexual things with your partner or call your partner’s private parts. In dirty talk, the more you try to cover things, the less interesting the conversation will be.


Your goal is to make your partner engaged in the conversation with you. You don’t want to complicate them with your made-up words, which may lead the conversation to boredom. When the talk is boring, there will be no interest for your partner to take the next step. But, when the talk is engaging, your partner will feel very comfortable to follow your lead and even tease or seduce you later. So, make the talk very simple and keep it interesting for both of you.


Asking questions is crucial when it comes to keeping your dirty talk engaging for your partner. However, you need to make sure that you are asking the right questions with simple answers. Don’t try to ask questions to your partner where the answers will be very difficult for them to explain. Just ask them some interesting questions that require a simple yes or no answer from your partner to keep the conversation going. And then, you and your partner can exchange the sexy questions to keep the conversation interesting.


It is a good idea for you to focus your conversation on your partner’s sexual experience. Let them share their sexual experience with you, and you can do the same in return. This type of conversation can help you to understand each other in regards to you and your partner’s sexual needs. This way, you will also get a new perspective regarding how to make your partner feel more satisfied in bed with you.


Make It Simple And Engaging



Here are some tips to keep the dirty conversation simple and engaging:


  • Don’t talk about sex with your partner as if there are little children listening to your talk. In other words, don’t cover sexual words when you talk dirty.
  • You don’t need to censor anything.
  • Ask simple questions that require a yes or no answer to your partner.
  • Let your partner share their sexual experiences with you.


  1. Use Romantic Story To Start Your Dirty Talk


While it can be very difficult to create the right mood for you and your partner to start talking dirty to each other, it will be easier for both of you to do that when you use romantic story as a start. Romantic story can be in the form of movies, books, or even real experiences, which can make your partner wants to talk about things related to sex. But first, you have to ensure that you and your partner can experience the story together.


You will do it by asking your partner to hear or see the romantic story, and then you will start your dirty talk based on the story that you have heard or seen. Try to talk with your partner and ask them to watch an erotic movie with you together. In this way, it will be easier for both of you to feel comfortable talking about sexy things later. When watching the movie together, you can ask your partner about things related to the movie, without disturbing them. Just ask a simple question every once in a while when watching the romantic movie together.


It’s the same with romantic books or experiences. Let your partner know about the romantic book and let them read it, so that they understand about the story. Or, let your partner know about your romantic experience and start your dirty conversation with them from that point. In any case, when you and your partner already know the same romantic story, it will be easier for both of you to enjoy the dirty conversations, and as a result, you might make your partner want to talk about it for days.


There is also nothing wrong to watch porn together with your partner, and then commenting on the romantic scenes from time to time. In fact, this will be a good thing to do to arouse them sexually without having to try talking about sexy things in a hard way. If there is a romantic movie that is showing at your local theater, you can ask your partner to watch the movie together. Then, simply start your dirty talk when you are on the road back to your home.

use romantic story in your dirty talk


Here are some useful tips to use romantic story in your dirty talk:


  • It is better to let your partner experience the romantic story together with you at first.
  • Watching romantic movies, erotic movies, or porn with your partner can help you to start the dirty conversations more easily.
  • Books and personal romantic experiences are also a good way to start your dirty talk with your partner.
  • Just start your sexy conversation with simple comments about the romantic movie or story that you are watching with your partner.


  1. Keep Your Partner Feel Comfortable


It is good to talk dirty and all, but remember that you have to keep your partner feel comfortable while you do that. Of course, you need to ensure that your partner feels close to you at first. You need to also make sure that your partner is not too shy when they talk about dirty things. If this is the first time you are talking dirty with your partner, then you should at least understand that you need to keep the talk restrained at some point. Let your partner know about the way you talk dirty to them, since you don’t want to make them feel offended with your act.


So, it’s not only about you. It’s actually more about your partner. When you talk dirty, you have to make sure that you feel comfortable in what you are doing. However, it doesn’t mean anything if your partner doesn’t feel the same comfort as you do. So, as you lead the conversation, you have to keep taking a look at the hidden clues left from your partner, which indicate whether they feel comfortable with it or not. Some people may not be able to express their feelings as openly as other people. So, they might be afraid to tell you that you’ve gone too far with your dirty talk. So, it is your job to keep them feeling comfortable throughout the sexy conversations.


Complimenting your partner in regards to their sexuality is one of the best things that you can do to keep them feel comfortable. When you compliment them, make sure to do so freely, without any embarrassment. Don’t be afraid to say anything vulgar about your partner while complimenting them about it. And of course, you should never mock or ridicule things related to their sexuality, since you can easily offend them and make them feel uneasy.

Keep Your Partner Feel Comfortable

Here are things you can do to make your partner feel comfortable during your dirty conversations:


  • Always take a look at the clues given by your partner during the dirty conversation, since your partner may not be able to tell you when they feel uncomfortable.
  • Never go too far in your dirty talk, while allowing yourself to be as vulgar as possible.
  • Complimenting your partner in regards to their sexuality can help them feel more comfortable to have sexy conversations with you.
  • Don’t mock or ridicule your partner, especially in regards to things related to their sexuality if you don’t want to offend them and make them feel uncomfortable.


  1. Be Confident When You Talk Dirty


Confidence is important when talking dirty with your partner. Of course, being too intimidating is not good, and it is not a display of confidence. Arrogance is the same. You might think that being arrogant is the same as being confident, but it’s not. It is not good for you to boast about your sexual virility in your dirty talk, since it is not showing your own confidence. Instead, it is showing how insecure you are, and your partner might not appreciate it.


When talking dirty with your partner it is important to keep the conversation flowing, so that there are smooth exchanges of teases, banters, compliments, and so on. Being confident means that you are in full control of yourself, and you are showing this to your partner through your dirty conversations with them. It’s not about boasting, being arrogant, or being too intimidating toward your partner. It is about expressing yourself in your own way, without being hesitant about it. In that way, you will look more charming and sexy.

Be Confident When You Talk Dirty

Here are things that you need to do to build your confidence when talking dirty with your partner:


  • Talk with your partner without intimidating them, which means that you shouldn’t come too strong in your dirty conversations.
  • You shouldn’t boast about yourself, since it is showing that you are an arrogant person, which can make your partner feel very uncomfortable talking with you.
  • Compliment your partner with confidence, without hesitation and doubt.
  • Don’t be afraid to express yourself in your dirty talk, and show your partner that you are in full control of your own self. It will look sexy and charming for your partner.
  • Don’t be afraid to take the next step in the dirty conversation, such as touching your partner when you’ve made them feel really comfortable with you.


  1. Be Authentic In Your Dirty Talk


The worst thing that you can do when you talk dirty with your partner is to make them feel bored and disappointed in the conversation. When you make someone bored and disappointed, it is very difficult to keep the dirty talk going. You have to stop your sexy talk and find another way to make your partner engaged in the conversation and make them feel interested to keep it going. Thus, you need to be authentic in your dirty talk. Your authenticity should be your strength when it comes to making dirty conversations with your partner.


The problem with many people is that they are following the same dirty talk guides or tips over and over again. They don’t realize that these tips have been used by thousands of people before. These are the tips that have been rehashed over and over again by people who are trying to seduce their partner. When you follow these tips, you will end up using washed up tricks and strategies to make your dirty talk look very boring and uninspiring.


This is why you need to be authentic in your dirty talk. Let the ideas come from yourself. It is fine if you want to follow some specific tricks or strategies, or use some old dirty talk lines, but you should keep your creativity at the top of your head. It means that you need to find new ideas and perspective in your dirty conversations, which will make your partner feel interested to keep the sexy talk with you. In this way, you can show your uniqueness and difference, and your partner will appreciate it.

Be Authentic In Your Dirty Talk

Here are some tips you can use to be authentic in your dirty talk:


  • Be creative in finding the various topics in your dirty talk.
  • Don’t rely too much on rehashed tips that are posted online on how to start a dirty talk with your partner.
  • Always add your own spices in every dirty talk tips that you’ve learned.
  • Don’t be afraid to use new ideas in your dirty conversations.
  • Don’t use the same style over and over again, which can make your partner feel bored or disappointed with you.


  1. You Don’t Need To Be There


When it comes to talking dirty without feeling embarrassed, there is one important thing that you need to know. Many people don’t talk dirty with their partners because they feel shy when they do this in front of them. Now, here’s the big secret. You don’t need to be there with your partner if you want to talk dirty with them. You can do it when they are not around. If you are shy and try to avoid eye contact with them as much as possible, there is a better way to make a dirty conversation with your partner.


First of all, you can talk dirty on the phone, or via instant messaging apps. You can also talk dirty with your partner with video call, so that you can feel the real presence of your partner there. When you talk dirty on the phone, you no longer need to feel embarrassed because you don’t see your partner in front of you. You can say all you want to say to them. It’s the same with chatting. Even with video calling, you can still freely say some dirty things to your partner without being ashamed of doing that, since your partner is not really there.


So, you don’t need to be in front of your partner if you want to talk dirty with them. Your partner can be a few miles from you, and you can still create that romantic feeling by starting up dirty conversations with your partner from afar. That is, if you use the current technology wisely.

You Don’t Need To Be There

Here are some tips for you to get started:


  • It can be rude for you to avoid eye contact with your partner all the time, just because you are shy when starting a dirty conversation with them.
  • It is easier for you to pick up the phone and talk dirty on the phone with your partner. It gives you more free space to express yourself.
  • If you are too shy to hear your partner’s voice, then chatting through instant messaging apps is a better option for you.
  • Start a video calling session with your partner and talk dirty with them if you want to see their expression. It is a good way to learn more about your partner and train yourself to be better at maintaining a dirty conversation with them.

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One of the biggest hurdles to talking dirty is confusion. You may ask yourself “What does my partner want” or maybe you ask yourself “Should I Know How To Talk Dirty To My Boyfriend?” and than you might want to know what is going too far, and what isn’t going far enough? How do you even know that he will embrace your naughty vixen at all? If he’s dropped hints or talked dirty to you in bed, you’ve got a clue that he wants you to get a little raunchier. But for the beginner who isn’t sure where to go from here, the whole idea of dirty talk can be intimidating.

Today I want to share something very quick with you. Something that will send love roaring back into your life and make your man or any man you desire begin to see you as the One.You see, men are also affected by words. Here are The Love Words which can penetrate a man’s heart and make him completely fall head over heels in love. 

It doesn’t matter if he’s been acting cold and distant to you OR even told you he’s no longer interested in you. These words will break his heart and make him BEG to be in your life again. Here are The Spicy Words, Watch The Video :
sexy dirty talkSo Basically You Are Asking How To Talk Dirty To A Guy ?

Imagine being able to drive your man wild with the words you use and he is putty in your hands but you would not be reading this if that was already happening, so what I always ask is what is stopping you dirty talking to a guy ? For most women its


  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of what to say
  • Fear that what you say might not work


Let me tell you us guys are pretty simple creatures we love to be painted a picture, we are by design visual beings, that’s your first clue, so if you want to know how to talk dirty to a guy over text or just generally want to know how to talk dirty , be it a long term relationship or just somebody new in your life all you have to know is paint the picture in our minds


But how do you know what to say…When To Say It…And feel good about it

Its Simple.

Well basically don’t sweat it , men are pretty forgiving creatures I should know I am one, and at the end of the day we want to feel.

We are sexy and your dream man- So dirty talking makes this point clear;

We love to be touched and told and how good we feel-Dirty talking makes this point clear;

how to talk dirty

“the master or the slave..”

It’s not just about how you say it, when you say it adding your body language to go with it. It’s also about what you say. Some men likes dirty sentences like “lick me babe, suck my juices, come down on me now” where is other men want to hear more about their actual penetration while describing what he’s doing to you “your cock is so hard and big, ah just pound me, harder, yes like that, deep”. It’s as if it’s a little bit of a power struggle where some men wants to be the leader and the so called dominating male, where’s in some other cases or depending on the man in question the girl steps up and dominates him, demanding him to ‘do her’ or do things to her as if he was her owned subject and slave. It’s all games, pretend and playful and your mood, the surrounding settings and your personality determines what suit you as an individual couple or if your planning on a casual one night fling with a man.

“down to the nitty gritty”

To give you plenty of ideas on what exactly to say we have put together a little list of different sentences, some soft and innocent and some hard core and very dirty. Again, if your shy and don’t feel comfortable saying some of these, remember you don’t have too. Just play around with the words and use what suits you, you’ll be surprised how excited it will make him once you get started. To warm up, allow yourself to practice in front of the mirror, if you can’t say it so yourself it’s going to be hard saying it to him.

“Cater to his fantasies”

Dirty talk can range from a sexy story that caters to his fantasies. Ask yourself; what does he like to hear? If your shy then start slow, start verbalizing what you feel.

examples of dirty talk

“What ticks his boxes”

You know guys love it. You know it's a fabulous way to turn your man on both in and out of the bedroom.. Guys do tend to have different preferences and it’s all about getting to know what ticks his boxes and what works for him. As for the basics let’s get started with some examples that will help you get started playing and having fun with him and of course together as a couple.

“A tender whisper, it’s how you say it”

The most excitement will come not only while you say a certain word but also how you say it. Make sure that you both are in a relaxing mood and that there is nothing that can disturb you like a cellphone suddenly ringing or having the TV on. Light some candles and have him sitting down or perhaps lead him into the bedroom. As a good start you can whisper these examples with a sexy playful voice.

“I love the way you kiss me, kiss me on the neck” (agree with how nice it feels when he kisses you)

“Yes babe, keep kissing me, slow, just like that” Describe how it feels, how aroused you get, how lovely it feels and keep him excited about pleasuring you. It’s a confidence thing, if he feels like his bringing you excitement he will keep kissing you.

“Get him closer”

Make him curious about you. Create a space between you and say: “ Want to see what I want, want to feel my body, come closer”. Invite him with a smile and a soft touch. Play with his clothes but don’t move to quickly, we want to keep the suspension. As he sits next to you, grab his hair, work your way down to his shoulders, massage gently and then whisper “tell me what you want..”. Instead of him actually reciting what he wants change the subject, make him vary that you are in the lead and that you are calling the shots. Then say “just keep looking at me, my breasts, my mouth, I love when you look at me like that”. Always whisper or talk gently so that it doesn’t remind him of a real conversation. Remember that this is a playful act, something that is a little out of the ordinary and special.

“I’m going to suck you like a lollipop”

A fun way to make him extra excited is if you now step it up. Nothing kills the mood as to long and dreary intros. He is on your toes, he’s excited and want to move forward so lets be more rough, more sexy and use bigger words. Many women feel odd saying things like “fuck”, “suck” but together with the safety with your partner it should be fun and allow him to smile a little and don’t be to serious, in fact it’s more enjoyable if you relax. See it like a movie, a character that your playing if it’s hard to take those words in your mouth. “Come over here and I’ll ride you hard”. That's how to talk dirty with your man as an example and the rest can of course be altered and made up just as you enjoy each other.

How to talk dirty to a guy examples

I’m about to give you a preview of things to come, if you’re up for it, here’s a list of 66 dirty talk phrases. If you don’t know where to start, then this is for you! Below you’ll find many examples of dirty talk to use in the bedroom, use them as they are or build upon them to create your own. Enjoy!

  1. I want you to take me to heaven
  2. I want your hands all over my body
  3. I can’t wait to feel your tongue on me
  4. Your touch makes me so horny
  5. I want it so bad
  6. Your piece is sooo big
  7. I can’t wait to feel you inside me
  8. Kiss me there…
  9. That feels good
  10. More of that…
  11. Don’t stop!
  12. Your touch makes me so hot I want to touch myself
  13. My body ached the second you walked in the door
  14. I get so wet thinking about you
  15. I need you now!
  16. Take me this second! I won’t want any longer!
  17. Do me right now!
  18. You are so hot, I want to lick you
  19. I’m your sex slave. Do what you want with me.
  20. I’m a bad girl, spank me!
  21. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about your shlong/dick/cock/etc. all day.
  22. I go crazy inside when you look at me like that
  23. Let’s break the bed tonight.
  24. I want you to bend me over your knee and spank me like the bad girl.
  25. This is going to be the greatest night of your life
  26. Getting ready for the best sex you’ve ever had
  27. Can you handle what I’m about to do to you?…
  28. I like when I have you in my mouth…
  29. Do you like that?
  30. Do you like when I do this?
  31. Will you fuck me?
  32. Yeah baby, fuck that pussy!
  33. Do it harder!
  34. Give me more!
  35. Give it to me like that…
  36. You can have it like that..
  37. You’re so big, so hot, so hard…
  38. Give me a piece of you now!
  39. Take me now!
  40. Let me lick more…
  41. I feel you cumming…
  42. It’s soo big..
  43. Say my name…
  44. Oh god yes…
  45. Yes, Yes, YES!!!
  46. Your cock feels so good inside me
  47. I am so wet…
  48. It feels soo good.
  49. Oh my gosh, you are so hard.
  50. I loved the things you did to me last night’
  51. I love the way your kisses taste…
  52. I love the way you sound when you do that thing you do
  53. I love the face you make when you orgasm…
  54. How beautiful you are, my darling!
  55. Oh you are so beautiful.
  56. I’m so horny for you…
  57. I want to kiss every inch of your body tonight…
  58. I’m going to give you more pleasure than you could even imagine…
  59. Get ready for great sex…
  60. Push it harder…harder…
  61. I’ve never had a lover like you before…
  62. You’re the best I’ve ever had…
  63. Do it to me the way you always do…
  64. You must have magic hands/lips because you’re doing something special…
  65. I want your body close to mine so you can feel my shivers…
  66. Get off when I do…

Here are some more dirty things to say

There is plenty more how to talk dirty to a guy examples but these ones are perfect to tweak a little and adjust to what your okay and happy saying, it’s suppose to be a bit dirty so don’t leave out too much, try him out..Whisper one of these sentences in his ear tonight..

Guys like to hear you talk about how big their penis is, reassure them that its big/ huge they will love you for it. (even if its not true)

Here is my top favorite that I use with my husband every night:

“If you stuck your dick in my mouth I’m going to suck it so hard”

“I wanna feel your come all over my face, dripping down my throat then I’m gonna lick you and suck your dick”.

“Don’t you just want to rail me, make love to me now, fuck me now” (you’ll choose if you want to just say make love if that’s more comfortable to start with)

“Don’t you just want to put your cock between my breasts, if your good I’ll let you stick it in my ass”

“I am so horny I just want you to fuck me right now”

“I want to motorboat my tits around your dick, I want to feel your throbbing cock between my thighs and let you come inside me baby”

“slap my ass, i have been a bad girl”

“your cock feels so big inside me tonight”

“I’m your little dirty whore” , ” deal to me”

” cum over my breasts”

” I want to feel your cock inside me”

These are more dirty talk examples & skills from Felicity Keith's language of Desire which can really come in useful to let you know the phrases and techniques that will help you dirty talking to your guy and really help you know how to talk dirty to a guy and how to talk dirty to a guy over text with confidence.

Are You Tired Of...

  • Not knowing any dirty talk phrases?
  • A mechanical and boring sex life?
  • Your man's predictability ruining the mood... and your evening?
  • Hearing the same old monotonous grunts during your love session?
  • Not being able to orgasm like you used to?
  • Letting your man settle for a mediocre sex life?

Why He NEEDS You To Learn How To Talk Dirty...

Dirty talk phrases directly stroke the male ego:

Talking dirty riles up the positive sides of that ego, in which he identifies with his masculine role as a man, and can highly energize him through triggering his internal “lust mechanisms” to have him swooning over you every chance he can get.

Dirty Talk evoke a man’s fantasy:

Talking dirty is your tool to grasp a man’s fantasy in a way that pulls back all of his sexual attention on you, and you alone. You can be his muse and essentially guide him into unparalleled, self generated bliss, if you know what “secret psychology” is going on behind the scenes.

Dirty talk lines create an unspoken bond:

A lot of women are intimidated by the idea of talking dirty because she doesn’t know what to say, but the fact of the matter is by taking that risk (and trusting him with her true sexual self-expression) she is communicating that she is willing to open to him completely. This delicate gesture triggers gratitude and reciprocity in him to begin to open up more himself.

The language of desire will explain all you need to know to captivate your man and make him do whatever you want...

... And I really mean "WHATEVER YOU WANT"!

Dirty Talk is quite possibly the healthiest thing you can do for any relationship. Studies have shown that Talking Dirty helps to improve love making, increases intimacy, drives desire and can make you an all around more confident person.

If you want all these things in your life then keep reading. The Language of Desire by Felicity Keith teaches you how to dirty talk, improve love making, gain confidence and drive your man crazy with desire.

Did you know that all men crave a woman who can talk dirty to them? Whether he tells you so or not he will be excited to hear you talk dirty in the right way. I say "the right way" because talking dirty isn't just about throwing around some four letter words and seeing what happens. Dirty talk, done wrong is not sexy at all and can most often be a turn off. With The Ultimate Guide To Talking Dirty I'll tell you exactly how to do it the right way!!!

Here is your first tip…..

Talking Dirty Tip #1

First of all, dirty talk doesn't have to be dirty. You can show your pleasure - and rev up his engine to redline - with just sounds.

When you moan in pleasure, it tells him that he's doing something right. When you groan as he enters you, you're telling him how much you like the way he feels inside of you. The sounds you make, whether it be groaning or screaming or simply heavy breathing, will tell him volumes about how you feel and what you want him to do.

Why Talk Dirty...

You might want to learn how to talk dirty because your man has expressed an interest in it or maybe you want to spice up your sex life some or maybe you are just curious as to how to talk dirty.

Whatever the reason may be it seem that from the time we're children we are taught that dirty words are bad. Saying naughty and dirty things is not something good girls and boys do...or do they? Getting over this taboo that has been driven into us since childhood is both good for our sex lives and exciting. It's like making love again for the first time and my guide tells you exactly how to do it!

Why Do Men Love Dirty Talk?

Men love dirty talk because it adds spice and intimacy into their romance. Most men don't want a woman who is timid and shy in the bed. Talking dirty either before or during sex has nothing but positive effects. Dirty talk before sex gets your man excited and builds anticipation for things to come. When you learn how to talk dirty in bed it will make your man feel like he is fulfilling your needs and in return it will get him revved up and extend the love making process.

You'll Need All The Help You Can Get...

If you truly want to learn how to talk dirty then you need some help. You definitely do not want to rush into it and say the wrong thing at the wrong time. This is the number one mistake that women make who want to learn how to talk dirty. Talking dirty isn't about just blurting out nasty phrases during sex. It is all about saying the right thing at the right time.

With the help of my talking dirty guide you will learn what to say, when to say it, where to say it and how to say it. Knowing this information before the first dirty thought even rolls off your lips is a major bonus. If you say the wrong thing your man might think you are trying to hard, you could get embarrassed or even worse yet, lose the confidence you have built up.

Talking Dirty Tip #2

Dirty talk doesn't always have to be face to face. Some of the most naughtiest things can be said on the phone, via email or in a hand written letter. Letters are great for this and can be placed in just the right spots. You can find more about different ways to drive your man crazy .

Did you know that talking dirty on the phone is a big business? Let's face it; people are paying good money for it all the time. Out of all of the places that there are to talk dirty to your man, doing it on the phone has got to be one of the easiest. It's always easier to do something when there is no face to face contact. Release any inhibitions that you may be facing and get down to business with your man. Tell him that you are touching yourself, which is sure to get his motor going.

Give him a few moans and a couple of whispers and remember that delivery is everything. The more that he feeds into it, the more that you will feel comfortable with it and allow yourself to continue on in a natural manner. When it comes to referring to breasts and penises, use the words that you find most comfortable to you. There are a lot to choose from that's for sure!

How To Captivate Your Man & Make Him Love You

As you learn to talk dirty, it opens up a whole new world of possibility. You will probably learn things about your partner that you never imagined, and it's a sure bet he's going to learn quite a bit about you! Your willingness to talk dirty to him shows him how much you want him, and that leads to enhanced intimacy between the two of you. The closer you feel to your partner, the better your sex life will be.

...You don't have to be a slut to learn dirty talk phrases...

GIRLS: Discover the REAL Secrets of Dirty Talk Phrases Using Your Tongue (Hint - It's NOT What You Think...)

Once you get things going with your man, slipping in a bit of dirty talk will do wonders for your sex life. You may find that it becomes a regular part of your sex play soon .


You have no idea how to talk dirty to your boyfriend, don’t you? Don’t worry, everything can be learned, and so can dirty talk. If you were raised in a family with strong traditional values, using dirty talk can be difficult, because it takes you out of your comfort zone. When it comes to using dirty talk in bed, you feel embarrassed, awkward, or you are totally blocked. You are afraid you might use the wrong words, that you will be laughed at, or that you will ruin the sexy atmosphere. And that probably makes you so uncomfortable using dirty talk.

The first rule of dirty talk

Men like hearing dirty talk. This is the first thing you should know. So, there is no need to be concerned that your boyfriend will dislike what you are saying to him… except for when you are not authentic. Dirty talk beginners might seem unnatural when using words they have never said in their entire life. But everything comes with practice.

If you decide to surprise your boyfriend by using dirty words in bed, but you are afraid you will make embarrassing mistakes, follow the golden rule: find out what your boyfriend likes to hear. You can ask him directly, or you can guess from his reactions. If you notice some words trigger better reactions than others, use those and become creative with them. So, if you want to learn how to talk dirty to your boyfriend, you have to learn what he likes and doesn’t like to hear.

The boundaries of dirty talk

What is dirty talk, after all? How dirty should it be? Dirty talk doesn’t necessarily have to be extremely dirty. You can choose the words that you are most comfortable with. Some guys like really dirty words, swears, or expressions that can make you blush instantly. But there are others who prefer a more soft language when it comes to dirty talk. That is why you should find out what the preferences of your man are.

If you feel uncomfortable using really dirty words, you can start by using the words and expressions you already are accustomed with and don’t have a problem using. It will give you the opportunity to experience, find out what pleases your boyfriend best, and it will be a good exercise that will prepare you to get to the next level.

After all, dirty talk should be a little dirtier than usual sex talk. After you get used to saying dirty words in bed, you can try upgrading your language. In time, using really dirty talk will become natural and spontaneous.

Of course, dirty talk has its boundaries, but only you and your boyfriend are the ones to set them. If you don’t like some words, or you don’t like to be called different names, you can tell that to your boyfriend. The purpose of dirty talk is to make sex even more pleasurable, not to disrespect each other, or start a fight.

Nonverbal communication is the key

Dirty talk doesn’t mean only saying the right words. It means saying them in a certain moment and in a certain way. You have to feel when the right moment has come and use all your body to communicate to your boyfriend. If you don’t mean what you are saying, your nonverbal communication will give you away. Use your hands, your lips, and your eyes to express everything you feel, and make your boyfriend fantasize about it.

Dirty talk also means using the inflexions of your voice to communicate how much you like what your boyfriend is doing to you. It could seem difficult at the beginning, but once you get comfortable with this, you will be amazed at the results.

Be creative!

It is important not to repeat yourself and to surprise your partner every time you make love. If you need some help finding new dirty talk ideas to experiment in the bedroom, you can check out Felicity Keith's Language Of Desire. It has hundreds of examples that will stimulate your imagination. To learn how to talk dirty to your boyfriend and rediscover the passion in your sex life.

You cannot always be near the person your love, but if you can come up with some dirty text messages to send to your boyfriend, you will make him want you no matter how far apart you two are. Once he reads your text, he will start fantasizing immediately about you and the things he would like to do to you. Sending dirty texts can be an excellent way of maintaining the passion in your relationship even when you are apart. You just have to know how to choose your words, so that your text will trigger your man’s desire.

Today, many couples are going through periods of separation. Your boyfriend might have to go to another city on a business trip, might be in the army or have other job that implies traveling a lot. When you cannot be together with him, it’s difficult to keep the passion alive. One way of sharing intimate moments with the person you love even when he is far away is creating dirty texts to send to your boyfriend.

Unfortunately, not all of us are experts in dirty talk. With text messages, it’s extremely difficult to know the reaction they cause. Because you are not face to face, you cannot know if your boyfriend likes it or not, or if it makes him want you or laugh at you. Even more experienced dirty talkers have difficulties when it comes to writing dirty texts, because so many of the usual things are missing: the touches, the gaze, the inflexions in the voice, the moaning, and all the body language. You cannot immediately find out the effect your texts had on your partner, and this is one of the most significant reasons that make creating dirty texts difficult.

What makes a good dirty text and what makes a lousy one? How can you come up with different dirty texts to send to your boyfriend every time? Creating smart dirty texts needs practice, but there are a few tips you could follow to make sure your message will blow your boyfriend’s mind.

Tips on writing dirty text messages to send to your boyfriend

  1. Use the words he wants to hear

Before writing a message, you should make sure you use the words your boyfriend likes to hear. Different people have different preferences and fantasies, so you shouldn’t use some words just because your ex boyfriend loved them. Do some research and find out what your boyfriend likes and what he doesn’t, and then use your imagination to create the most exciting texts.

  1. Be descriptive

Writing texts is restrictive, because you cannot communicate with your boyfriend like you usually do. That is why you have to make your texts as explicit as possible. You have to say exactly what you want to do to your boyfriend, and how, or what you want him to do to you. When you are creating dirty texts to send to your boyfriend, imagine you are with him. Describe everything: the sensations, the taste and the smells. This way, your boyfriend will have no problem picturing everything, and fantasizing about it. The more you get into details, the more you trigger your partner’s desire.

  1. Be creative

Receiving dirty texts can be terribly exciting. However, when the texts keep repeating themselves, there is a great chance the initial excitement will drop. Don’t irritate your boyfriend with the same texts, even if you assume he likes them. Try something different every time and surprise him.

Where to find examples of dirty texts to send to your boyfriend

It’s not easy to write different dirty texts every time. There are times when you just can’t find the right words or some new ideas. Even the most creative persons experience such moments. If you want to diversify your dirty language and find some new examples of dirty texts, check out The Language of Desire by Felicity Keith. It has a lot of ideas you can use when having phone sex or writing dirty messages to you boyfriend.