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3 Hot Secrets of  language of desire

In this Language of Desire review, we will take a close look at the 3 factors that have already made Felicity Keith Language of Desire a favorite of countless women that long to keep their men devoted exclusively to them.

Most of the time a good honest review will answer your questions well enough to make a sensible decision of whether a product is worthy of your time, attention, and hard earned money. Our goal is to provide you with enough reliable information to do just that… make an informed decision.

Tons of “buzz” has been circulating about this popular new product created by Felicity Keith, a middle aged, single soccer mom. What she has done has been described by many as “nothing short of a miracle” in providing a way that any woman can keep a man obsessed with them as long as they want them to.

Pretty bold claims, but you will soon discover if those claims are true or just a lot of hype and B.S.

Who Is This Language of Desire Review Designed For?

This is by far the most frequently asked question in all Felicity Keith’s Language of Desire reviews. Click Here for a more detailed Language Of Desire Review with more real results.

So many women seemed confused by some of the content in the program that falsely leads them to believe that the Language of Desire was created for younger, nasty talking women.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the Language of Desire was created for more of a middle aged, reserved type of woman. More typically, one that has difficulty with “erotic language” and understanding the affects it has on ordinary men.

Felicity Keith perhaps understands more than anyone else, that the goal of most women is to have their man completely devoted to them in every way. As difficult as that is for most women to obtain, Felicity discovered why most men stray. Even ones in seemingly happy marriages.

But much more importantly, she discovered what keeps a man completely satisfied and devoted to the woman he is presently with. Even when there are many challenges and distracting temptations around him, Felicity teaches how you can constantly have his full attention.

If you are a woman between 18 or 80 and desire to have your man totally committed to you and your relationship, then you will benefit greatly from learning the Language of Desire.

With that in mind, let’s take a close look at the 3 techniques and methods that have helped so many women transform their men into truly committed and devoted men free from the desire to ever cheat emotionally or sexually.

Secrets 1. What Is The Erotic Telepathy Technique and How Does It Work?


Only use this technique if you want to really know your man on a very deep and personal level like no one else ever has.

Every man has secrets and desires that he rarely, if ever, shares with anyone. Some of them he is not even consciously aware of. However, many of his fantasies and his emotions towards those fantasies, he is very aware of.

To say most men are reluctant to share his fantasies and desires with anyone, is an understatement. Most men fear that if they ever expose their true feelings and fantasies to anyone, especially a woman they love, they will become extremely vulnerable and powerless.

Have you ever made love to a man and he seemed to be right there with you physically, but seemed far, far away emotionally? If you have, join countless thousands of other women who have too. It is very normal and common place, especially among couples that have been together a while.

NOW! Imagine what it would feel like if you knew what all his secret fantasies were and you knew exactly how to completely fulfill them without ever having to feel or act like a slut.

That is exactly what the Erotic Telepathy Technique allows you to do. And the best part is, he is so connected to you and has no idea how you have tapped into mind past all of his walls and defenses. He will become almost magically addicted to you!

Secrets 2. The Cuddle Hormone Technique and What Does It Do To a Man?

Have you ever heard that, “Love is in the eye of the beholder”.

That is the basis for the Cuddle Hormone Technique. When used correctly the cuddle hormone technique allows your man to look at you in a way he never has before. When he looks at you, he is only able to see you as the one person he should be with. He sees someone he would protect at all costs and would “slay dragons” for. Someone who is very valuable to him that he would never want to be without.

This new found obsession with you not only makes emotional sense to him, but more importantly for most men, it makes logical sense.

The Cuddle Hormone Technique is used to trigger a high degree of lust in his mind which controls the rest of his senses. What he sees and feels he is only getting from you. No other woman, no matter what she looks like, can replace those feelings you have awaken in him. You will take him to new heights of sexual arousal.

Note: This method takes a little more time and patience to get maximum results with benefits, but many women agree that it is well worth the effort and then some.

Secrets 3. The Infamous Lust Mirror Phrase and How and When To Use It

Have you ever wondered what REALLY turns your man on? Not what you think does, or even what did when you first made love with him, but what really and truly turns him inside out with desire for you now?

The Lust Mirror Phrase was Felicity Keith’s very first discovery into the secret erotic language of the masculine mind and how it has everything to do with his attraction for you or lack of attraction for you.

Initially, the newness of a relationship can be all it takes to turn a man on. But for most of us, after years of being together and hundreds of times of making love, the attraction and desire can fade for both of you.

In time, we all change physically whether it be weight gain, lack of energy, or just life getting in the way and draining us physically. Truthfully, those are some of the reasons men pull away or start looking at porn. Not because they don’t love the women they are with but that they still have an insatiable desire to be pleased as well as please their partner sexually.

All too sadly enough, most men don’t realize that they have everything right there in front of them to satisfy there deepest wants and desires.

The Lust Mirror Phrase is exactly what Felicity used to start the ball rolling and turned her man into the committed, devoted man she always wanted.

With just a few words, she was able to not only help Kevin understand his own needs but to enable him to recognize and fulfill her needs as well. In other words, what he began to see in himself, he was able to be completely in tune with her. He describes it like almost like looking deep into a mirror.

The result was a physical and intimate connection neither of them had ever experienced before. It only grew from there but more importantly, Felicity has been able to teach the Lust Mirror Phrase to many women with the same mind blowing result.

Is There Much Else Is In The Language Of Desire Program?

YES! There is lots more!

What we have tried to accomplish in this informative Language of Desire review, is to supply you with the information about the 3 secrets that make this unique program such a huge success.

All in all, there are 33 powerful tricks and techniques Felicity reveals in her Language of Desire that applies to almost any woman’s relationship situation or status. From newly weds to older married women to single women out there dating looking to connect with that special guy, there is truly quite a bit here that any woman can benefit from.

Also included are 3 special bonuses felicity is giving you free just for trying the Language of Desire.

1. Silent Seduction - How to make him tremble with desire without ever touching him.

2. Unstoppable Confidence - over and hour of discussion from Michael Fiore and Michael Griswold, two of the worlds most noted relationship experts, about how to gain confidence and control over your relationships.

3. The “GOOD GIRLS” Guide to dirty text messaging. Over 200 done for you examples you can use immediately.

All Sounds Great But What If Language of Desire Does Not Work For Me?

Based on the results we have seen from the Language of Desire program, it would be rare indeed if it did not benefit you and your man immensely.

However, if you see no benefit after going through Felicity Keith’s Language of Desire, contact her customer service department for a full, 100%, no questions asked refund and keep the bonuses for free.


If you are ready to finally have the man and relationship you deserve after reading Felicity Keith's Language of Desire Review, You can get started NOW! You have nothing to lose but a lifetime of happiness.

Imagine being able to capture his heart and having the perfect man fall so desperately in love with you that you are all he can think about day and night. He actually listens intently to what you say and truly cares about your innermost feelings. He thinks of all the ways he can please you and his faithfulness and devotion to you and your relationship is unwavering. He is eternally grateful you have chosen him to be your life long mate.

By now the question rolling around in your head is “does a man like that even exist?” Yes, I choose to believe they do and by the thousands.

However, the more important question is, that if that man does exist for you, can you really learn the skills needed to attract him and make him a permanent part of your life?

Let’s take an in-depth look at the claims made by Michael Fiore and Claire Casey in their new program of how you may be able to learn to capture his heart.

Insider Information: What You Should Know!

Michael Fiore and Claire Casey are the developers of the runaway best selling product, Capture His Heart.

As a relationships expert, Michael has devoted his life to help women everywhere with his vast knowledge of “how men think and what they really want.” You will probably agree that is a huge development of it’s own.

Claire has created and perfected the techniques necessary to tap into this information Michael has discovered about men without a man even knowing or understanding what is really happening inside his own heart. Seems a bit unfair doesn’t it?

Together they have combined years of study, research, and hands on experience to give you everything you need to make your relationship dreams become an amazing reality.

How it Works

The book is a magic key that will help anyone avoid getting into disastrous relationships. It will ensure that you get the man who you have always dreamed of while using very little effort. The book also gives you advice on how to make sure your man loves you unconditionally. It also provides you with tips that you can use to effectively seduce the man of your dreams without saying a word.

Clair Casey’s Lighthouse method is designed to teach you how to get a man’s attention and make sure he is attracted to you. Once the man is attracted to you, you will need to get more tips that can be found in the program. The program provides you with a step-by-step guide that you can easily understand and follow to ensure you get the man of your dreams to love you forever. Capture His Heart has helped many women avoid divorce, breakup, loneliness, or misery that is common in many relationships.

The program also has a video course. This course is designed to help you learn and develop attraction and seduction skills. Such skills will ensure that any man you are interested in will adore and love you for a lifetime. All the methods you will access in the video course have been tried and tested. Additionally, the Capture His Heart video course has a bonus of 3 relevant and powerful bonus packages. These packages are fully loaded with necessary information on how you can manage any man. It gives a detailed guide on how to manage men of different characteristics and personalities. As a result, you will be able to make any man fall in love with you.

When you use this dating program, you will not have to worry about approaching a guy on your own. Your worry will be put to rest because you will learn how to attract any man you need. Furthermore, the ‘How to Make Him Fall in Love with You’ eBook by Claire Casey will provide you with simple and easy-to-understand methods that you can use to avoid men who cheat. Since you will be able to identify them, you will not be heartbroken nor will you waste time with such men.

My Story With Capture His Heart

Hi, My name is Amy and I hope this honest review will help you decide whether this Capture His Heart program is worth your time and effort.

I bought this program on March 3, 2013 through an email promotion I received from a Women’s blog I subscribe to. When I first read the email I laughed and had no intention of responding, but let me tell you what happened next and how this all started.

I am a 38 year old woman that has had several relationships in my adult life but only 2 real serious ones.

The first ended in a broken engagement, the other in a failed marriage. I could literally write a book on each but I will try and keep this short and not depress you with all my past woes.

I don’t know about you but after my divorce I came to 2 very strong conclusions, whether they were right or wrong.

1Maybe I wasn’t cut out to be a wife or Mom and should try and find happiness and fulfillment just staying single.

2I don’t know any more about what makes a man tick and what they really want than I did when I was 10 years old.

I had pretty much accepted that these 2 statements were facts, at least for me, and then along came this stupid email about this ridiculous way to find the perfect man. The only problem was, the message in that email haunted me for 2 days. I didn’t understand it then but it is clear as crystal now why it had bugged me so much.

Although I had resigned myself to the fact that I would always be single and that would be OK, secretly my heart ached to have a loving relationship with a good man. I just would not allow myself to believe it could or would happen for me after all I’d been through.

After 2 agonizing days, I finally gave in to the tugs in my heart and responded to the email and bought this so called “Miracle Program”. I don’t know exactly what I was thinking at the time but I thought I was buying some kind of hypnotic CD that I could listen to at night and wake up the next morning as “Super Woman”.

What I got was all this material of techniques, methods, and tricks to use on men and at first I wanted to throw it in the trash and forget it. Once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down. Honestly, a lot of it was painful because I could see so many things I had done wrong in past relationships that led to disaster and a broken heart.

About halfway through I began to wonder if this Claire Casey person was even real. If she was only half right with her insights into men and love, I had a lot to look forward to. I’m not real patient so I could not wait to try what I had learned but I took the time to go through everything step by step. I even did all the workbooks which actually was really a lot of fun.

I am not big into the social and dating scene so I wasn’t sure, if ever, I would have much of a chance to see if any of this stuff really worked. About a week or so later a great looking guy came into the office where I work. I didn’t notice a ring on his finger so I tried Claire’s “Gateway Technique.” I was scared to death but he approached me and started talking to me. The next Friday he made some sorry excuse as to why he needed to come back in the office and while he was there, he asked me out. I still don’t believe it.

All this happened 3 weeks ago and so far everything is going perfect. He can’t do enough for me and I’m loving every minute of it. Maybe it was my time or maybe I just got lucky, but I can honestly say that everything I have tried on him that Claire teaches has worked far better than I would have ever expected.

I truly hope this relationship will grow and turn into something lasting and special. I have to say, he is acting like no other man I’ve ever met before in my life. Needless to say, I am more than happy with the whole Capture His Heart program and whether it will work for anyone else or not I don’t know. All I know is I am happier than I’ve been in years and I really believe this time is going to be different.

The most informative part to me was how Claire explains the “6 subtle forces that drive men from the inside.” I don’t fully understand it all yet but each time I read it and observe different men at work or around different places I like to shop it makes so much more sense. I’m beginning to understand that they are not as hard to figure out as I had always believed.

If I didn’t learn anything else in this program, I learned how not to keep making the same costly mistakes I had made in past relationships. I have recommended the Capture His Heart program to a couple of my friends and I can’t wait to see what happens with them. I will post it here when they update me as to what their results have been.

What Type of Women Does This Program Work For?

When I was first exposed to this new program, I was skeptical to say the least and this was the first question that crossed my mind. All I was thinking was, rich, young, beautiful, smart, talented, and the list went on.

Upon interviewing several women that had tried the program, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that each participant was totally different and from many walks of life. The results they shared with me were amazingly positive even from some that had previously struggled with self esteem issues or numerous failed relationships.

The only “common thread”  I was able to find between each of these women was a true desire to find the right man in a way that fit within their own personality. Other than that they were all very different with no obvious similarities in physical appearance, education level, age, and background.

Is There a Downside?

Yes there is. Up until now this review has turned up very positive in all the phases we have investigated. However, we feel it is only fair for you to understand that, for some women, old habits can be hard to break and embracing new ideas and approaches can sometimes be challenging. Again, to be fair, those factors can only be stumbling blocks for you if you allow them to be. If you open your heart and mind, you may be amazed at what happens and how fast your life can change for the better.

Is There More To The Upside?

Yes, there are 3 more very important benefits.

1. Other than what has previously been discussed in this review, one huge benefit to this program is that you can start implementing these powerful techniques just moments from now as everything in the program is delivered to you instantly in downloadable form. No waiting around.

2. The 3 great bonuses included in the introductory offer.

3. Michael and Claire are so confident you will benefit from the program that they stand behind it with an ironclad 100% guarantee. Anytime within 60 days after purchase, if these methods have not worked for you as described in the CHH program, you may return it for a full 100%  No-Hassel refund for any reason or for no reason at all. So there is no risk to you at all.


Without a doubt, Capture His Heart is a legitimate program that can be used to get the right man. If you still have doubts about it, you should know that it has a 60-day money back guarantee. The money back guarantee is from the popular Clickbank refund policy.

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