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How to Attract Men – Making Him Desire You

Hey , girls, do you want to know how to attract men ? Have you experienced trouble in keeping the interest of your man after the first few dates? Do you feel frustrated with the fact that every relationship after beginning with a promising note ends up making you feel lonely and terrible? Well, I am sure like many others you wish you could more successful with men, but possibly you have been put off by shyness, not knowing what to do on a date, need some general all round ideas, on how to behave, & generally appeal to the fairer sex. Well that all changes right here!

how to attract men

Female hearts sink to depth when a handsome guy winks at them. To have the same influence on the opposite gender, a gal has to have that spark which can put male hearts on fire. A little effort on her part can make the way easy to walk on with rose petals and no thorns. Right energy in the correct direction can only prevent the sudden demise of your crush. These guys live in the moment. The brooding over past and planning of future is not what they do. So just forget your past efforts and future ideas. Present time needs to be utilized in an optimum manner. Look out for the stumbling blocks and move ahead elegantly.

It would be a big mistake to think that a golden heart can do the magical trick. What is inside comes to light much later. What is outside comes into focus first. Heart pulsates on the face and vibrates through the body. Depending on the attire, chances of attracting a guy can enhance or reduce considerably. A male response is affected by the appearance of the female. The way of carrying herself can never be neglected by a girl. Your impression will land up in a ditch if you do this forbidden thing. Have a confident body language. If you still don’t agree, may God put some sense in you. The sooner comes the realization, the easier becomes the journey.

The outer shell and inner core become more beautiful with good manners and charming wiles. The femininity is enhanced with delicate behavior. Don’t let male traits dominate your feminine features. Don’t generate doubts as to your gender. Men have still not caught on well with the idea of falling in love with men so don’t try to put on masculine shoes when you have your pair of sandals. If you really want to keep the show on, keep away from loose talk and pestering. Talk short and sweet. Miles of distances are covered in seconds with smile. They are the cheapest and most effective invitation.

Relationship with a guy greatly depends upon the distance from the crowd. Interaction wit others is only possible when you break away from a group. A confident female moving around freely is a piece of cake every man would like to grab. In crowded places stand at the center where people can see you. Rushing to creepy corners, is a sign of under confidence. Don’t stand in the shadow of others, dare to come in the limelight.

Start out and take the initiative. Keep the gates to your territory open. Hesitation does not go well with guys; they like it the other way. Your one step towards them will make the guys take two. Teach him something new even if you have to learn it first. Share your technical knowledge with him. Speak his language in your own style and see him caught in your love net.

Lots of women, like me, experience these problems. Now the fault isn’t in you. You are a wonderful and attractive woman. Things aren’t working out between you and men is because you don’t understand male psychology.

Most women fail to understand the fact that men and women are different. Men have their own fears and desires. Women have their own fears and desires. If you really want to attract a man and keep him for as long as you want, there is one important thing you must understand. And that is male psychology.

Knowing how to attract men begins with you having a basic understanding of male psychology and knowing what men really want. Without being aware of their needs and thought processes, you will not be able to give them what they really want.

Here are a few things that men find attractive in a woman. If you are able to display these characteristics, you will be able to attract men effortlessly. You will be able to captivate them and make them commit to you forever.

Here are the secrets to attracting the right man and keeping him for as long as you want…

Independence – Independence is one of the things men really want in a woman. A truly independent woman who lives her own life will be more interesting than a woman who is completely reliant on him for everything. You’ve got to have your own life. That is extremely essential. An independent woman is challenging to a man. And men always want a challenge.

Men always pursue that which is unattainable. If you are independent and play hard to get, you will be unattainable. Your man will do everything to pursue you and will invest more of his time and energy in the relationship. The more energy he invests in the relationship, the more addictive he will be towards you. And therefore he is less likely to let go of you.

Interesting – Everyone loves a person who is interesting. If you want to capture his heart for good, you must come off as an interesting woman right from the beginning. You must show this by the way you flirt, dress and act around your man. It’s not okay to be like all other women. If you act like one of them, you will seem boring. An interesting personality will come off naturally into you when you stop blaming yourself.

Start showering more love and attention on yourself. Take care of yourself and your needs. Give yourself more so that you can shower more love on others. That’s the key to having a high self-esteem. Have something worthy to pursue. You could have a passion or hobby to which you completely love to do. Talking about your hobbies and doing them will make you a more interesting and desirable woman to your man.

Be interesting in your conversations. Talk about different things instead of the usual old stuff like career and news. Talk about new things and new places. Talk about your passions, childhood dreams, aspirations, your beliefs, etc. These things will help you get to know each other on a deeper level and will make you feel an emotional connection.

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Make him feel special – Each and every man on this planet has one deep desire: To feel special. They immediately fall for people who give them this feeling. The feeling of being special is a desire every human being on the planet cherishes. It’s more in men. It’s just that they don’t express it freely. If you really want him to fall in love with you deeply, you must vibe him this feeling on a consistent basis.

You do this by complimenting him and making him feel good. Whenever he tells something that he isn’t good enough for something, tell him that you feel that he will do great in that. Tell him clearly that it’s not the way he thinks it is. Tell him that you believe that he is a great whatever. This will give him the sense of importance and will reflect on his self-esteem. He will owe this to you and will fall madly in love with you.

talking dirty

Stop being desperate – Being desperate around a guy or group of guys is one of the worst things you can do. Men don’t like desperate women. Would you like to accept a request from a desperate stalker who keeps coming after you? No right. That’s how the guys will feel if you act desperate around them. It is essential that you get guys to chase you around instead of chasing them by yourself.

Believe in yourself – The women who attract guys and have amazing relationships have an attitude and a belief system that resonates that they are the best woman on the planet. You’ve got to believe that you are the most amazing woman on the planet. You’ve got to accept the fact that being with you is the best possible choice any guy can make. Having this belief will probably make all the difference in the world between attracting a decent guy or a jerk.

Never have sex too soon – This is extremely important. If you have sex with a guy too soon in a relationship, he will lose his attraction and interest for you. You’ve got to play hard to get and keep sex away from your relationship as long as you can. If you have sex too soon, he controls the relationship. If you stay away from having sex for at least three months, you control the relationship.

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Be Hard to Get – A hard to get women is something that all men are attracted to. Men have a tendency to pursue that which is unattainable. If you are a challenge and play hard to get with men, they will pursue you. Don’t always answer your phone. Ignore the guy a little. Give him mixed signals. Do all that you can do to show that you are a challenging woman.

Now that you know how to attract guys, there is another extremely important concept you must get before attracting guys. It’s called irresponsibility. Being attractive to guys and attracting them isn’t enough. If you want to have solid and amazing relationships with guys, you must be an irresistible woman.

Flirting : Learn It The New Way

You can imagine:A smart and handsome guy jogging in the park has an amazing ability to attract thousands of feminine gazes. Oohs!, aahs! and wows! are the sighs of the female hearts wishing that the hunk might just turn around and take a look. But the stud knows the effect he has created and enjoys it till the very last savoring every moment. A girl has to put her body, soul and heart together to have exactly the same influence if not greater. Flirting with guys is a skill that requires mastery and amateurs must become the experts. A gal must gear up well to charge her man.

The first tip is to dress in style.

Revel in your best- something in which you feel comfortable. High heels with mini skirts or short frocks, is a great idea but don’t start pulling at your outfit. Girl no comfortable with her dress puts up a very bad show and throws flirting out of the window along with the mini. Whatever a girl wears must make her look gorgeous and not vulgar. Sexy females appeal, vulgar ones don’t. Besides a sexy appearance, personal hygiene also counts. Take out time for a shower before going on a flirting mission. You need not use exotic perfumes to attract his olfactory lobes but, at least, use a deodorant to prevent body odor.

Establish eye contact.

Kill him with your looks. The eyes speak the language of your heart. A girl must know how to throw inviting glances. These two sockets can be electrifying. Let your eyes say ‘I want you’ rather than your tongue. And if a woman has got beautiful eyes, she can go on a flirting spree massacring many male hearts. A little touch up with mascara, eye-liner and eye-shadow will only add to the magnificence.

Support your eyes with your body.

When these two work in synchronization, flirting becomes fun. A gal must know how to exploit her best body parts. Color your lips and smile a lot. Dance to draw attention towards the soft curves of your body. Cross and uncross your legs to convey your interest. Tickle your arms with your fingers. Play with your hair. Flicks on your face will even tempt him to do the same. All in all, the body gestures of a woman play a crucial role in flirting and one should always be aware of her best physical features.

Just don’t stop at it.

Throw away the old rules in the paper basket and write new ones. A guy might not touch a girl but she can do it in a simple and a pleasant way. The most perfect one is to compare hand sizes. Grab the very first opportunity to pat him on the shoulder. It will encourage him and he will be more at ease as males usually hesitate to make the first move to touch a flirtatious girl. So just don’t keep looking, swing into action and make a move.

How To Flirt With Men Without Seeming Desperate – 3 Important Keys

You have to admit how to attract men is no more a new question to our today society. Daily more and more searches are performed in search engine and alone the term of “how to attract men” gets around 18000 searches monthly which mean about 600 searches are performed in a daily basis.

Women always eagerly want to know the basics of how to flirt with men because many of them are simply losers when it comes to lure the attention of men. I believe that every woman loves to carry themselves well in a room full of hot guys and yet still stand out.But the question is that how many women actually succeed in the ways to get the attention of men?

There are several ways that you can interact with single guys to make them to be interested into you. Flirting is a great option to grab attention of men. Some might find it difficult to flirt with guys. There are a few points that I would like to share with you. Before this, please bear in mind that flirting doesn’t means wearing tight skirts and figure-hugging tops. The best thing about this game is that you do it in the subtlest ways possible.

Avoid obvious topics

Please avoid those too obvious topics. Curiosity is the secret in this game. Make a man wonder if you are thinking the same thing as what he has in mind. Make him feel curious about you as this make him ask for more. Don’t be too obvious that you are into him. Guys will directly lose their appetite once they know you are already into them.

Body language

Body language always plays important role when you flirt with men. Much more information can be conveying through your body gestures than words. Your body language can reflect how much you’re interested in a person. You may start with a light touch on his shoulder or play with the rim of your glass. This always catches men attention. By understanding the basic of flirting through body language you will find that it is better than wearing skimpy clothes to draw men to you.

Knowing when to draw back

You must know when to draw back. Drawing back when he looks like he wants more. Withdrawing on purpose heighten the suspense and excitement. Reveal only enough each time he asks you out for a proper date, don’t give it all on the first encounter. It is always good to leave something to his imagination when you are flirting with men. Nothing is better than you reserve something for the next round. Men are designed as a curious being and will keep pursuing you until they get you.

Flirting itself is like an appetizer before a proper meal. It might not be the most important part in the way how to become a guy magnet, but if you never attract the attention of a guy, how would you proceed your relationship into next level?

Now pay close attention here

There is something else you must understand before you can attract a man and keep him for as long as you want. Trust me, it’s extremely important. It’s called irresistible. Being attractive to a man isn’t enough. You have to be irresistible to him. You have to make him obsessed with you in order to make him commit.I strongly urge you to learn more about this book on the following video :

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This book reveals everything that you need to do and be in order to be completely irresistible to your man. It will show you how to attract a decent man, make him commit and stay with you forever. I strongly urge you to read the book – Language of desire

Did you like my article on how to attract men? Agree or Disagree? Show me you’re alive by commenting your thoughts on the box below. And if you have any questions on how to attract men, please post them in the comment box.



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