How to Come Up with Dirty Text Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend

You cannot always be near the person your love, but if you can come up with some dirty text messages to send to your boyfriend, you will make him want you no matter how far apart you two are. Once he reads your text, he will start fantasizing immediately about you and the things he would like to do to you. Sending dirty texts can be an excellent way of maintaining the passion in your relationship even when you are apart. You just have to know how to choose your words, so that your text will trigger your man’s desire.

Today, many couples are going through periods of separation. Your boyfriend might have to go to another city on a business trip, might be in the army or have other job that implies traveling a lot. When you cannot be together with him, it’s difficult to keep the passion alive. One way of sharing intimate moments with the person you love even when he is far away is creating dirty texts to send to your boyfriend.

Unfortunately, not all of us are experts in dirty talk. With text messages, it’s extremely difficult to know the reaction they cause. Because you are not face to face, you cannot know if your boyfriend likes it or not, or if it makes him want you or laugh at you. Even more experienced dirty talkers have difficulties when it comes to writing dirty texts, because so many of the usual things are missing: the touches, the gaze, the inflexions in the voice, the moaning, and all the body language. You cannot immediately find out the effect your texts had on your partner, and this is one of the most significant reasons that make creating dirty texts difficult.

What makes a good dirty text and what makes a lousy one? How can you come up with different dirty texts to send to your boyfriend every time? Creating smart dirty texts needs practice, but there are a few tips you could follow to make sure your message will blow your boyfriend’s mind.

Tips on writing dirty text messages to send to your boyfriend

  1. Use the words he wants to hear

Before writing a message, you should make sure you use the words your boyfriend likes to hear. Different people have different preferences and fantasies, so you shouldn’t use some words just because your ex boyfriend loved them. Do some research and find out what your boyfriend likes and what he doesn’t, and then use your imagination to create the most exciting texts.

  1. Be descriptive

Writing texts is restrictive, because you cannot communicate with your boyfriend like you usually do. That is why you have to make your texts as explicit as possible. You have to say exactly what you want to do to your boyfriend, and how, or what you want him to do to you. When you are creating dirty texts to send to your boyfriend, imagine you are with him. Describe everything: the sensations, the taste and the smells. This way, your boyfriend will have no problem picturing everything, and fantasizing about it. The more you get into details, the more you trigger your partner’s desire.

  1. Be creative

Receiving dirty texts can be terribly exciting. However, when the texts keep repeating themselves, there is a great chance the initial excitement will drop. Don’t irritate your boyfriend with the same texts, even if you assume he likes them. Try something different every time and surprise him.

Where to find examples of dirty texts to send to your boyfriend

It’s not easy to write different dirty texts every time. There are times when you just can’t find the right words or some new ideas. Even the most creative persons experience such moments. If you want to diversify your dirty language and find some new examples of dirty texts, check out The Language of Desire by Felicity Keith. It has a lot of ideas you can use when having phone sex or writing dirty messages to you boyfriend.