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Language Of Desire Examples And Real User Reviews

Have you ever wondered why some women seem to know the Language of Desire and have men constantly chasing after them even though they are not physically attractive?

Felicity Keith wondered the same thing and that’s why she devoted so much time and effort learning and refining the Language of Desire and how it drives men crazy with passion. READ ON and take a close look to see if this Felicity Keiths Language of Desire Review can HELP YOU TOO.


The facts are, even the sexiest most beautiful women struggle with their men being emotionally and sexually devoted to them and only them.

May not make sense, but when you finally understand the secrets of the male mind as Felicity Keith has, your love life will change forever!

Felicity Keith is just an average middle aged single mom that discovered what most all men desperately crave in a relationship but will probably never tell their wives or girlfriends.


Unfortunately, most women’s initial reaction after hearing about Felicity Keith’s Language of Desire is that it is strictly a guide for dirty, trash talking women trying to coax their men into treating them like a slut in hopes that he will stay faithful.

However, our review discovered quite the opposite about the Language of Desire program and about Felicity Keith herself. Created by a respectable lady for respectable ladies, the Language of Desire PDF  has become a huge success and has already helped  many women turn their relationships into something they would never have dreamed possible.

Here is what a few of them recently shared with us;

I can relate so much to Felicity’s story as I was in a very similar situation for years.  I tried so hard to keep myself looking good for my husband Ben but he just seemed so distant when we made love. He wanted to have sex often but I never felt like it was me he was making love to, if you know what I mean.

My friend Linda had taken Felicity’s course and had told me about it.  I just laughed and said, “ no thank you.” Over a few weeks I saw such a change in her and Jerry that I gave up and asked her “what the heck” had she done to her husband? 

Long story short, I tried the Lust Mirror Phrase Linda had told me about and WOW.

A week later I bought the Language of Desire PDF and Ben and I could not be happier. He won’t keep his hands off of me and I feel like a million bucks when he looks at me with so much desire. 

Thank You Felicity,  you truly helped change our lives.    

Lynn B.  Baltimore, MD.


Hi Felicity,

Can’t thank you enough for your Language of Desire program and for teaching me the Erotic Telepathy Technique. I’m single and have been through so much with guys and trying to figure them out. I consider myself a “good girl” but have always seemed to struggle  with getting a second date. Although I was very skeptical about your methods, I decided I had nothing to lose by trying it out.

Now my biggest problem is finding time to go out with several different guys that all seem to be trying to out do each other for my attention. Never saw that coming. I have not told him yet,  but I have narrowed it down to one special guy so I don’t think I’ll be single much longer. Thanks again. 


Julie W.  Omaha, NE

I would never thought in a million years that the Language of Desire program would work this well. Felicity says it’s not magic, but you could have fooled me. My husband and I have been separated for 7 months after 19 years of marriage.

About a month ago he agreed to meet me for dinner. He thought we were going to talk about the kids. I used your Cuddle Hormone Technique” on him. I could see in his face he wanted to be with me. When we said goodbye, he asked if I wanted to go out on a date with him. I’m so happy but a little scared to get my hopes up.

I’ll let you know how it goes, but I just wanted to say thank you for giving me hope. (Something I have not had for a while.)    

Annie R.  Springfield, MA.


Why Does The Language of Desire Work So Well in Most Cases?

When we started conducting our Language of Desire review, it became evident very early on why Felicity Keith’s methods were having such a huge impact on men. Her extensive research was not only deadly accurate, but was created with 3 simple principles in mind.

1. Easy to Use. 

The Language of Desire is a complete “done for you” program that any woman at any age can duplicate with an amazing amount of success.

2. Inspirational. 

Jokingly, we have heard many women say that if a man is not moved and inspired by Felicity’s techniques, he is either dead or gay. However, that is basically true. The program is designed to stimulate the masculine mind and pushes emotional “hot buttons” most men don’t even know they have.

3. Transformational.

One of the most powerful attributes of the Language of Desire is it uses mere words to transform a man into completely focusing all of his thought and energy on you. In fact, to the point of finding you totally irresistible. You become the only woman that can completely fulfill his needs and desires.

Will You Have To Change Who You Are For This To Work?


The biggest changes women have noticed is more confidence in themselves and in much more control over their relationships with men.

Many women have expressed concern and have sought out obsession phrases reviews to see if and how they may fit with their personality.

In spite of what many women have initially thought, shy and reserved womenthat consider themselves “good girls” are experiencing most long lasting and positive results from the program.

Remember; the Language of Desire is not all about “nasty, slutty, trash talk. It is however, all about learning sensual, intimate words and phrases that will keep a man connected and devoted to you both sexually and emotionally.

The purpose of the program is not to just merely “turn him on”, but for you to become the one and only woman that can keep him connected to you and only you.

What Will You Get With The Language Of Desire Program?

The Language of Desire program is so extensive and complete that it is not possible to cover every detail in this review. Below are several of the more popular highlights which you will receive;

1. Lust Mirror Phrase: 

the Lust Mirror Phrase is very powerful and easy to use.  Where most women start to see amazing results!

In general terms, this is how the Lust Mirror works.

When you build up a man’s masculinity and he feels good about himself, he is much more apt to focus on you and your needs. It becomes a win-win for both of you.

Below is a pretty good example of how one of Felicity’s students put the Lust Mirror into action and her results;

I tried the lust mirror with my boyfriend and it drove him crazy! He was at work when I texted him or as he put it I tortured him because he wanted me right then but had to wait! Lol, I love how the lust mirror technique seems to make me feel so free and it comes so natural too! I grew up feeling shy about talking about sex and the things I like because girls just weren’t supposed to act that way unless they were sluts so I suppressed my desires. But, not anymore! My boyfriend was kind of shy too at first but now its like opening Pandora’s box! We can’t get enough of each other! We were both seeing other people but realized there was something missing from our new relationships. It was that we still had feelings for each other but we just couldn’t connect the dots. After years of being apart we found each other again only this time we are able to share our feelings honestly. Now we know that we were just too hung up on old fashion notions of sex. I’m happy now that we’ve discovered new ideas! Jalynn H.  Jackson ,MS.


2. The Cuddle Hormone Technique:

Can be done in public without anyone ever noticing but him. And boy, will he notice.

3. Pavlov’s Erection Method: 

Even if you have made love hundreds of time with you husband or boyfriend, this one will have the roof shaking.

4. The Porn Destroyer:

Completely erases his need or desire to watch porn. He will be totally locked in on you.

5. Erotic Telepathy Technique:

Tap into his mind and plant a desire seed that he cannot resist.

6. Sexual Singularity Method:

The one word men long to hear from their partner but very rarely do.

7. Boiled Frog Technique:

used to slowly turn up the heat until he literally explodes with desire.

8. Verbal Viagra:

Perfect to use on men that have lost interest in sex or are totally indifferent in bed.

These are just a few of the long list that you will learn in the Language of Desire course. There literally is something for everyone and every situation here.


Are There Any Negatives To The Language of Desire Program?



All of the methods and techniques Felicity teaches in the Language of Desire must be used responsibly and taken seriously for serious results.

This program is not recommended for those want to joke around with a casual acquaintance or to seek revenge on a past lover. If that is you, please do not purchase the product.

Are There Bonuses with the Language of Desire Program?


There are 3, but only available if you purchase directly from the Felicity’s Language of Desire official website.  ( Watch the free video Provided Below )



1. Silent Seduction Training: 

Felicity will walk you through an intense training on how to get and keep his attention without saying a word or without touching him at all.

2. Unstoppable Confidence: 

Over an hour with relationship experts Michael Fiore and Michael Griswold  teaching you how to gain confidence and control over men.

3. The “Good Girl” Guide To Naughty Texting: 

Over 200 done for you text messages for every occasion that will drive him crazy and anticipated being with you.

What Happens If I Purchase The Language of Desire and Don’t Like It?

Here is the only crazy thing we found in Felicity’s program.

If you don’t agree that the Language of Desire program is worth twice the $47

price and you are not more than satisfied, contact Felicity’s customer service dept.  anytime within 60 days of purchase for a full, no questions asked, 100% refund.

In this industry, a guarantee like that is unheard of.


Just another reminder to please be aware that fake and fraudulent websites pop up all over the net when a product this popular comes along. Ordering from one of these unscrupulous websites will cause loss of free bonuses and guarantee.

Regardless of what you may run into out there, there are no other bonuses or lower pricing than found on Felicity’s safe official website.

We sincerely hope you gained some valuable insight into this product by reading our Language of Desire Review.

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