We are not the dinosaurs anymore. We are breathing in the modern times where we perceive that our words are the blessings from heaven; they can either sign the death warrants of relationship or inject a dragon’s blood in our man’s veins. We all have experienced this in our lives as well. We have seen that some women are not getting men, even if they are acting like a low-hanging fruit. While others are sleeping better at night, as men are treating them like a goddess and revolving around them 24/7.

Today I want to share something very quick with you. Something that will send love roaring back into your life and make your man or any man you desire begin to see you as the One.You see, men are also affected by words.

It doesn’t matter if he’s been acting cold and distant to you OR even told you he’s no longer interested in you. These words will break his heart and make him BEG to be in your life again.

So Basically You Are Asking How To Talk Dirty To A Guy ?

As they say, “Become a lady in the street and a freak in bed!” That is utterly true. Moreover, that is what you need to understand. If you are a lady in the street, and have a tad dominant personality, then you are like a lioness. However, if you are freak in bed as well, and talk some dirty, in a way, you are a wild, sexual lioness.

Moreover, that is what a man wants; he wants to make love to a wild lioness since she is a tad dominant and speaks the desired language. A language controls a man emotionally and psychologically. She releases her man’s inner beast and impels him to worship her with desire – both inside and outside of the bedroom.

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However, the question is how can you talk dirty and release his inner beast through your language? Well, allow me to explain in detail in a few steps.

Break the Ice: Yes! Break the ice, and break it well. “Roar!” Roar like a lioness; exhibit that he is in the presence of a lioness. For instance: if he is talking, grab his neck suddenly and silence him with a dominant smooch. Alternatively, if you are relishing some chocolate with him, say: “This is the best chocolate I’ve ever eaten.” These types of intensely positive statements and moves, break his ice and inject positivity his veins. In a way, your goal is to wobble his thoughts so that he can concentrate on you entirely.

Sultry, Sexy Voice: It is not only about words; it is about your voice too. Numerous researchers say that your voice appeal is as attractive as your sex appeal; if you do have a sexy voice, you’ll always drive your lover insane with sexual desire. Now, if you have no idea regarding how to have sultry, sexy voice, there are a few ways that can facilitate you. Try speaking through your chest rather than throat. Moreover, slow down your speech as well. If you speak 100 words in a minute, speak only 40 to 50 words instead, the delivery of your speech should be utterly slow.

Use Trigger Phrases: What are the trigger phrases of your man? Which words put fire in his veins and make him see you with serious sexual intention? Any idea? If you are clueless regarding this thing, let me tell you, every man has different trigger phrases which capture his subconscious mind and impel him to slay the dragons to have you in bed. Allow me to give you a few examples: “I want to kill you like a lioness tonight!” “You cannot have me that easily; show me you are worthy.” “You are my wild, sexual bull.”

Play the Fantasy: Now, of course, I am not saying play it in actuality. Though, you can in reality too, but just play in your mind; words would start coming out of your mouth automatically, and make him feel too that something is different; he will be aroused. For example: imagine that you are a wealthy, dominant politician, and he is just your virgin employee. Alternatively, he is an assassin and going to kill you; seduce him now! Alternatively, you are his goddess; control his life. Alternatively, he is a billionaire, and you are dancing on a private dance floor for him… Our imagination has no boundaries; the more you would activate your imagination and connect with it; the more it would be easier for you to talk dirty.

Words are immensely powerful! It does not matter how beautiful or sexy you are, if you are not excellent with your words, you will not be able to arouse your man on a grand scale. Even your red lipstick and a thousand dollar lingerie will not help. Your man will not feel any urge to spend a passionate night with you.

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examples of dirty talk


How to talk dirty to a guy examples

If you don’t know where to start, then this is for you! Below you’ll find many examples of dirty talk to use in the bedroom, use them as they are or build upon them to create your own. ..Whisper one of these sentences in his ear tonight. Enjoy!

  1. I want you to take me to heaven
  2. I want your hands all over my body
  3. I can’t wait to feel your tongue on me
  4. Your touch makes me so horny
  5. I want it so bad
  6. Your piece is sooo big
  7. I can’t wait to feel you inside me
  8. Kiss me there…
  9. That feels good
  10. More of that…
  11. Don’t stop!
  12. Your touch makes me so hot I want to touch myself
  13. My body ached the second you walked in the door
  14. I get so wet thinking about you
  15. I need you now!
  16. Take me this second! I won’t want any longer!
  17. Do me right now!
  18. You are so hot, I want to lick you
  19. I’m your sex slave. Do what you want with me.
  20. I’m a bad girl, spank me!
  21. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about your shlong/dick/cock/etc. all day.
  22. I go crazy inside when you look at me like that
  23. Let’s break the bed tonight.
  24. I want you to bend me over your knee and spank me like the bad girl.
  25. This is going to be the greatest night of your life
  26. Getting ready for the best sex you’ve ever had
  27. Can you handle what I’m about to do to you?…
  28. I like when I have you in my mouth…
  29. Do you like that?
  30. Do you like when I do this?
  31. Will you fuck me?
  32. Yeah baby, fuck that pussy!
  33. Do it harder!
  34. Give me more!
  35. Give it to me like that…
  36. You can have it like that..
  37. You’re so big, so hot, so hard…
  38. Give me a piece of you now!
  39. Take me now!
  40. Let me lick more…
  41. I feel you cumming…
  42. It’s soo big..
  43. Say my name…
  44. Oh god yes…
  45. Yes, Yes, YES!!!
  46. Your cock feels so good inside me
  47. I am so wet…
  48. It feels soo good.
  49. Oh my gosh, you are so hard.
  50. I loved the things you did to me last night’
  51. I love the way your kisses taste…
  52. I love the way you sound when you do that thing you do
  53. I love the face you make when you orgasm…
  54. How beautiful you are, my darling!
  55. Oh you are so beautiful.
  56. I’m so horny for you…
  57. I want to kiss every inch of your body tonight…
  58. I’m going to give you more pleasure than you could even imagine…
  59. Get ready for great sex…
  60. Push it harder…harder…
  61. I’ve never had a lover like you before…
  62. You’re the best I’ve ever had…
  63. Do it to me the way you always do…
  64. You must have magic hands/lips because you’re doing something special…
  65. I want your body close to mine so you can feel my shivers…
  66. Get off when I do…

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Here are some more dirty things to say

  1. “If you stuck your dick in my mouth I’m going to suck it so hard”
  2. “I wanna feel your come all over my face, dripping down my throat then I’m gonna lick you and suck your dick”.
  3. “Don’t you just want to rail me, make love to me now, fuck me now” (you’ll choose if you want to just say make love if that’s more comfortable to start with)
  4. “Don’t you just want to put your cock between my breasts, if your good I’ll let you stick it in my ass”
  5. “I am so horny I just want you to fuck me right now”
  6. “I want to motorboat my tits around your dick, I want to feel your throbbing cock between my thighs and let you come inside me baby”
  7. “slap my ass, i have been a bad girl”
  8. “your cock feels so big inside me tonight”
  9. “I’m your little dirty whore” , ” deal to me”
  10. ” cum over my breasts”
  11. ” I want to feel your cock inside me”


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