Talk Dirty Without Embarrassment – 7 Tips You Shouldn’t Miss


Talking dirty is always associated with something bad, and those who do that will be considered as people who have bad manners, and they will often be labeled as promiscuous people. But, it’s not always like that. Talking dirty can have a lot of advantages for couples or those who have married. It can help them to keep the romantic relationship going, and of course, keeping them sexually active. Sometimes, people just have a sexual intercourse without talking with each other, or teasing each other, and so, in that way, their sexual relationship will become dull and problems will soon arise.

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Most people are afraid to talk dirty to their loved ones because they are embarrassed to do it. When you are embarrassed to start talking dirty because you are afraid that you will be called a slut or any other labels, then you should first think about dirty talk in the right way. Not all dirty talks are bad. Yes, it can be bad if you do it at an inappropriate time and place, but its seductive power can give you more confidence when approaching the people you love. It is actually one little trick to turn them on and see you in a different perspective, which is, in a sensual way. Here are 7 tips to talk dirty without embarrassment that you shouldn’t miss:


  1. Know The Right Time And Place


Obviously, talking dirty is not to be done anywhere and anytime. That’s because not all people will appreciate you doing that when the time is inappropriate. You will only feel awkward and embarrassed if you don’t have the sensitivity about the time and place to do this thing. Talking dirty is not something that everyone can handle, and not everyone will feel comfortable when they talk about sex and other related things.


So, it’s very important for you to know your time and place. Basically, if it doesn’t feel comfortable for you, you shouldn’t do it. Also, if there are many people around, you shouldn’t do it either. You don’t want them to feel uncomfortable with what you are saying, and in a way, disturbing their mind. But, if you’re just with your partner alone, in a romantic place where nobody will disturb your conversation, then you can talk dirty with your partner freely. In fact, that’s the best time and place to do it.


You need to also understand what your partner is going through. If your partner doesn’t have the mood for sex, then talking dirty will not get you anywhere. If your partner is being angry, then it will be difficult to talk dirty with them. So, it is important for you to consider your partner’s condition before you begin your sexy talk. It is good for you to start your dirty talk when your partner is in the mood for sex, or when they feel happy and enthusiastic. It will be very easy to make the conversation flowing in the right direction.

Know The Right Time And PlaceSo, here are some tips to choose the right time and place for your dirty talk:


  • Make sure that you are not in a public place when you do that.
  • Make sure that there are not a lot of people around you.
  • Make sure that your partner feels comfortable with what you are doing.
  • You should start your sexy talk when your partner is in a good mood.
  • When your partner is in a bad mood, sexy talk will only lead you to disappointment.
  • You should create a romantic feeling around you before you attempt to talk dirty with your partner.
  • It is best to talk dirty when you are having sex, or about to have sex with your partner.
  • Initiate more sexy conversations when you are in bed with your partner.


  1. Make It Simple And Engaging


When it comes to talking dirty, it is very important for you to keep your conversations simple and engaging. There is no need to cover the sexual words with some foggy word replacements that nobody can understand. Just be as vulgar as you can, as long as you are doing it in your privacy with your partner. There is no need to be ashamed to talk about sexual things with your partner or call your partner’s private parts. In dirty talk, the more you try to cover things, the less interesting the conversation will be.


Your goal is to make your partner engaged in the conversation with you. You don’t want to complicate them with your made-up words, which may lead the conversation to boredom. When the talk is boring, there will be no interest for your partner to take the next step. But, when the talk is engaging, your partner will feel very comfortable to follow your lead and even tease or seduce you later. So, make the talk very simple and keep it interesting for both of you.


Asking questions is crucial when it comes to keeping your dirty talk engaging for your partner. However, you need to make sure that you are asking the right questions with simple answers. Don’t try to ask questions to your partner where the answers will be very difficult for them to explain. Just ask them some interesting questions that require a simple yes or no answer from your partner to keep the conversation going. And then, you and your partner can exchange the sexy questions to keep the conversation interesting.


It is a good idea for you to focus your conversation on your partner’s sexual experience. Let them share their sexual experience with you, and you can do the same in return. This type of conversation can help you to understand each other in regards to you and your partner’s sexual needs. This way, you will also get a new perspective regarding how to make your partner feel more satisfied in bed with you.


Make It Simple And Engaging



Here are some tips to keep the dirty conversation simple and engaging:


  • Don’t talk about sex with your partner as if there are little children listening to your talk. In other words, don’t cover sexual words when you talk dirty.
  • You don’t need to censor anything.
  • Ask simple questions that require a yes or no answer to your partner.
  • Let your partner share their sexual experiences with you.


  1. Use Romantic Story To Start Your Dirty Talk


While it can be very difficult to create the right mood for you and your partner to start talking dirty to each other, it will be easier for both of you to do that when you use romantic story as a start. Romantic story can be in the form of movies, books, or even real experiences, which can make your partner wants to talk about things related to sex. But first, you have to ensure that you and your partner can experience the story together.


You will do it by asking your partner to hear or see the romantic story, and then you will start your dirty talk based on the story that you have heard or seen. Try to talk with your partner and ask them to watch an erotic movie with you together. In this way, it will be easier for both of you to feel comfortable talking about sexy things later. When watching the movie together, you can ask your partner about things related to the movie, without disturbing them. Just ask a simple question every once in a while when watching the romantic movie together.


It’s the same with romantic books or experiences. Let your partner know about the romantic book and let them read it, so that they understand about the story. Or, let your partner know about your romantic experience and start your dirty conversation with them from that point. In any case, when you and your partner already know the same romantic story, it will be easier for both of you to enjoy the dirty conversations, and as a result, you might make your partner want to talk about it for days.


There is also nothing wrong to watch porn together with your partner, and then commenting on the romantic scenes from time to time. In fact, this will be a good thing to do to arouse them sexually without having to try talking about sexy things in a hard way. If there is a romantic movie that is showing at your local theater, you can ask your partner to watch the movie together. Then, simply start your dirty talk when you are on the road back to your home.

use romantic story in your dirty talk


Here are some useful tips to use romantic story in your dirty talk:


  • It is better to let your partner experience the romantic story together with you at first.
  • Watching romantic movies, erotic movies, or porn with your partner can help you to start the dirty conversations more easily.
  • Books and personal romantic experiences are also a good way to start your dirty talk with your partner.
  • Just start your sexy conversation with simple comments about the romantic movie or story that you are watching with your partner.


  1. Keep Your Partner Feel Comfortable


It is good to talk dirty and all, but remember that you have to keep your partner feel comfortable while you do that. Of course, you need to ensure that your partner feels close to you at first. You need to also make sure that your partner is not too shy when they talk about dirty things. If this is the first time you are talking dirty with your partner, then you should at least understand that you need to keep the talk restrained at some point. Let your partner know about the way you talk dirty to them, since you don’t want to make them feel offended with your act.


So, it’s not only about you. It’s actually more about your partner. When you talk dirty, you have to make sure that you feel comfortable in what you are doing. However, it doesn’t mean anything if your partner doesn’t feel the same comfort as you do. So, as you lead the conversation, you have to keep taking a look at the hidden clues left from your partner, which indicate whether they feel comfortable with it or not. Some people may not be able to express their feelings as openly as other people. So, they might be afraid to tell you that you’ve gone too far with your dirty talk. So, it is your job to keep them feeling comfortable throughout the sexy conversations.


Complimenting your partner in regards to their sexuality is one of the best things that you can do to keep them feel comfortable. When you compliment them, make sure to do so freely, without any embarrassment. Don’t be afraid to say anything vulgar about your partner while complimenting them about it. And of course, you should never mock or ridicule things related to their sexuality, since you can easily offend them and make them feel uneasy.

Keep Your Partner Feel Comfortable

Here are things you can do to make your partner feel comfortable during your dirty conversations:


  • Always take a look at the clues given by your partner during the dirty conversation, since your partner may not be able to tell you when they feel uncomfortable.
  • Never go too far in your dirty talk, while allowing yourself to be as vulgar as possible.
  • Complimenting your partner in regards to their sexuality can help them feel more comfortable to have sexy conversations with you.
  • Don’t mock or ridicule your partner, especially in regards to things related to their sexuality if you don’t want to offend them and make them feel uncomfortable.


  1. Be Confident When You Talk Dirty


Confidence is important when talking dirty with your partner. Of course, being too intimidating is not good, and it is not a display of confidence. Arrogance is the same. You might think that being arrogant is the same as being confident, but it’s not. It is not good for you to boast about your sexual virility in your dirty talk, since it is not showing your own confidence. Instead, it is showing how insecure you are, and your partner might not appreciate it.


When talking dirty with your partner it is important to keep the conversation flowing, so that there are smooth exchanges of teases, banters, compliments, and so on. Being confident means that you are in full control of yourself, and you are showing this to your partner through your dirty conversations with them. It’s not about boasting, being arrogant, or being too intimidating toward your partner. It is about expressing yourself in your own way, without being hesitant about it. In that way, you will look more charming and sexy.

Be Confident When You Talk Dirty

Here are things that you need to do to build your confidence when talking dirty with your partner:


  • Talk with your partner without intimidating them, which means that you shouldn’t come too strong in your dirty conversations.
  • You shouldn’t boast about yourself, since it is showing that you are an arrogant person, which can make your partner feel very uncomfortable talking with you.
  • Compliment your partner with confidence, without hesitation and doubt.
  • Don’t be afraid to express yourself in your dirty talk, and show your partner that you are in full control of your own self. It will look sexy and charming for your partner.
  • Don’t be afraid to take the next step in the dirty conversation, such as touching your partner when you’ve made them feel really comfortable with you.


  1. Be Authentic In Your Dirty Talk


The worst thing that you can do when you talk dirty with your partner is to make them feel bored and disappointed in the conversation. When you make someone bored and disappointed, it is very difficult to keep the dirty talk going. You have to stop your sexy talk and find another way to make your partner engaged in the conversation and make them feel interested to keep it going. Thus, you need to be authentic in your dirty talk. Your authenticity should be your strength when it comes to making dirty conversations with your partner.


The problem with many people is that they are following the same dirty talk guides or tips over and over again. They don’t realize that these tips have been used by thousands of people before. These are the tips that have been rehashed over and over again by people who are trying to seduce their partner. When you follow these tips, you will end up using washed up tricks and strategies to make your dirty talk look very boring and uninspiring.


This is why you need to be authentic in your dirty talk. Let the ideas come from yourself. It is fine if you want to follow some specific tricks or strategies, or use some old dirty talk lines, but you should keep your creativity at the top of your head. It means that you need to find new ideas and perspective in your dirty conversations, which will make your partner feel interested to keep the sexy talk with you. In this way, you can show your uniqueness and difference, and your partner will appreciate it.

Be Authentic In Your Dirty Talk

Here are some tips you can use to be authentic in your dirty talk:


  • Be creative in finding the various topics in your dirty talk.
  • Don’t rely too much on rehashed tips that are posted online on how to start a dirty talk with your partner.
  • Always add your own spices in every dirty talk tips that you’ve learned.
  • Don’t be afraid to use new ideas in your dirty conversations.
  • Don’t use the same style over and over again, which can make your partner feel bored or disappointed with you.


  1. You Don’t Need To Be There


When it comes to talking dirty without feeling embarrassed, there is one important thing that you need to know. Many people don’t talk dirty with their partners because they feel shy when they do this in front of them. Now, here’s the big secret. You don’t need to be there with your partner if you want to talk dirty with them. You can do it when they are not around. If you are shy and try to avoid eye contact with them as much as possible, there is a better way to make a dirty conversation with your partner.


First of all, you can talk dirty on the phone, or via instant messaging apps. You can also talk dirty with your partner with video call, so that you can feel the real presence of your partner there. When you talk dirty on the phone, you no longer need to feel embarrassed because you don’t see your partner in front of you. You can say all you want to say to them. It’s the same with chatting. Even with video calling, you can still freely say some dirty things to your partner without being ashamed of doing that, since your partner is not really there.


So, you don’t need to be in front of your partner if you want to talk dirty with them. Your partner can be a few miles from you, and you can still create that romantic feeling by starting up dirty conversations with your partner from afar. That is, if you use the current technology wisely.

You Don’t Need To Be There

Here are some tips for you to get started:


  • It can be rude for you to avoid eye contact with your partner all the time, just because you are shy when starting a dirty conversation with them.
  • It is easier for you to pick up the phone and talk dirty on the phone with your partner. It gives you more free space to express yourself.
  • If you are too shy to hear your partner’s voice, then chatting through instant messaging apps is a better option for you.
  • Start a video calling session with your partner and talk dirty with them if you want to see their expression. It is a good way to learn more about your partner and train yourself to be better at maintaining a dirty conversation with them.